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Hai here you can find a simple implementation of usb in small micro controller AVR AT Mega 8 this one may help you Regards Nandhu
Hi I need a simple guide on How to write INF file for my usb device in order to use the Windows driver for CDC "communication Devices class" Salam Hossam Alzomor www(dot)i-g(dot)org
Speed Q: How can Parallel Port ISA card support quoted rates of data transfer in excess of 1MB/sec ? As far a I know every in/out command for an ISA bus address takes at least 1 microsecond to perform REGARDLESS of processor speed ? A: A simple parallel-port read or write does take one ISA-bus cycle, and on most systems, the bus speed i
Hi, where i can found a simple usb Hard-disk driver PIC based project with asm or hex file included? 8O