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Hi, FT2232H is high speed usb. With a simple PLD you could manage to transfer the data directely from ADC to FTDI. Afaik it has 4kBytes FIFO inside. Try 245 parallel mode. Then the ucontroller is free from processing load. Klaus
Hi, got an Atmel mXT1664S1 IC (based on Atmel AVR32) with HID usb/I2C host communication. Have a customer that wants to use Serial communication protocol instead. Anyone know of a simple Atmel or other solution to try? Is there complicated code to write to make it work so data transfer is semaless as with the (...)
for that you need to understand microchip's free usb stack and modify the program. It is simple if you can understand the communication between pc and the usb device
a simple alternative for usb communications is Microchip MCP2210. It is a translator from SPi to usb and Microchip provides a driver you can use applications easily. It is the simpliest alternative I have found, and the micro is inexpensive.
hey guys!! I need to establish a simple usb contact with pic18f2550 using C# interface software i'm gonna write it's like sending ADC reading to PC and writing to LCD VIA the PIC MCU and i'm having problems with communication and synchronization either ways (PC and PIC software) I'm using mikroC compiler. the thing is i don't know where to (...)
Are you intending wireless communication? A simple usb connection (e.g. CDC or HID) would be the "natural" choice with a 4550, not mentioning legacy RS232.
Out of curiosity: how do do usb hid communication in C#? I've done that for my masters thesis using some 3rd party library from Codeproject but had some issues with it (i.e. not working with 64-bit OS). I can imagine that it is simple is device operates in CDC mode emulating a virtual serial port, but otherwise i have no idea. Arduino uses (...)
Hello simple question Why Up to 127 devices can be connected to any one usb bus at any one given time ?? Big Thanks gafsos
Hello, I am attempting to communicate with my Advantest R3762 VNA using my PC and a usb-GPIB converter compatible with Agilents 82357B usb-GPIB converter. I can send basic commands easy enough but I cant read anything from the device. The software came with the usb-GPIB and allows me to send a receive simple commands. (...)
I have been using Bluegiga wt11 (need RTS signal!!!) for mcu side and usb Mini-Bluetooth GEMBIRD on PC side. This is the easiest and safe way to wireless communication I know. simple and practically used by me many times. If you know wired rs232 communication, you won. Distance about 60m I can confirm. On PC side (...)
Hi, Since ATMEGA8 is not intended for usb communication as is the AT90xxx or the MUCH better and enhanced ATMEGA16U4. However a very simple approach for ATMEGA8 would be an usb to serial converter and use serial communication. Also search on the forum. You might find more useful stuff as the link posted (...)
Forget that cc2500 unit, you can get a TI ez430 (usb Interface) and use the free IAR software or a simple unit like: RnD Warehouse - XBee usb Adapter (usb Interface) and use the digi XCTU software.
oh, there is, at least for the HID part, (but in C with GCC) i suggest reading the usb-Serial Port (many projects use that basis...) when you get a working usb-COM Port (try testing it on Hyperterminal or another serial-terminal) you can use or search basic VB serial COM applications.... V-usb simulates a 1.1 usb devicce (...)
Dear All, I was just wondering since I have used usb-Serial IC s from FTDI, is there also a simple IC like that that can handle usb to SPI. Also at the PC side, the API needed to call the related function. In the case of usb-Serial, the Serial port class is very useful. Kindest Regards, FE
Hello all, I'm a student and I have a project to do and its based on the PC-PIC (18F4550) communication via usb, and I really need all the help I can get. all I want is: send a command from the PC and control a certain PORT in the MCU (blink Led or whatever) I'm using the C18 and I'm simulating the Project using Proteus 7.6SP4. I have all the r
Hi, Well nothing like starting off with a good simple project then :wink: :wink: Suggest you first look around here to see all the options available from Microchip. You can find all the usb framework software as part of the big Applications software downlo
As I can see from the link posted by microcon555, the cable is usb and, I think that you can't just connect the cable to the microcontroller and expect everything to work fine. The mobile is expecting a communication from a usb device (Computer). This usb communication requires more than just a (...)
It is very simple There are lot of keypad examples floating around. Find one using Google which suits you better. Then decide the communication mode RS232, usb, etc. RS232 is more simple and easy to setup Regards Nandhu
There are some options, the one a bit easier to implement than the other: 1. easiest build a top level that includes a uart Tx/Rx and build a simple rs232 communication protocol on the PC 2. moderate same as above but using usb 3. difficult include a ethernet mac/phy in the fpga poll the fpga board through ethernet (...)