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What is the cheapest, quickest-to-do, and simplest 'finish' to get put onto the pads of a Lead free HASL, Leaded HASL, electroless nickel gold, etc etc ? presumably the purpose of the 'finish' is to stop the copper of the exposed pads from oxidising?
hi..what is the simplest circuit for reducing power consumption in pcb like system..also how it works
simplest antenna is a monopole, were ground is mirroring the antenna. Ground plane dimensions is equal important as the antenna space from antenna functional view. Now we can guess what ground plane size your pcb have, and antenna space relative to ground dimensions. Environment? TX/RX? If you is the designer, why not start with designing antenna s
Hello Stepannp, Yeah simplest method is use M3CLIN coupled Microstrip line & setup as per your requirement...Or Use the CPW Line & use in similar way with spacing & conductor widths... The third one is the Bit difficult & it is the recommended way of modeling such traces in all pcb layout tools... Edit your layout Process File (LPF) or impo
Usefull can be follow link with parts list, schematics and pcb design. Very simple diagram looks like this It’s the simplest way, and might doesn’t work propert
This is the simplest satellite dish positioner by pic 16f630 download schematic and hex file. note : the pcb file is in protel 2.71 format
Hi For PK2 I have some questions hope one of u may answer! 1. Can I use 18f2553? 2. Please upload/point me the simplest pk2 that u tested. 3. Can I use variable VDD with lm317 and fixed VPP to make a simplest PK2? 4. VDD also fixed with option for other VDD like 3V will be provided on the target board its self. 5. What happed for the data and
Hello The simplest way - use resistor+voltage source. Another way is current mirror (for ex. bipolar)
I think you need to do a fair bit of reading on this one. Not the simplest of things to get right. General principles are low impedance ground planes with earths at a common point. Different RF processes in their own screened sections, good filtering and stable supplies. For the most part you learn from your mistakes. I suppose good RF design and l
go 4 simple pcb software like sprint layout & do it manually. This is the simplest software to design pcb with almost no learning time.
I want to conect pcb with computer and i search for the most simple way to do that.I you have any idea i hear please
i would like to know about the simplest type of mobile jammer,its ckt. diagram,design of pcb(if involved),various components used,theory,functioning
Hello experts, How to implement the simplest 30s duration timer? When the button is pushed down, the switch is closed and the timer starts counting. Having passed 30 seconds, the timer triggers the switch to open. Note: No ICs, just using discrete components and no clock input. Welcome any input suggestion.