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Hi, I want the simplest circuit for usb programming of Xilinx FPGAs. I viewed ML605 schematics. It uses a CPLD which is so complex solution! Is there any other way to program the FPGAs via USB? (Except the USB programmer) Thanks in advance
If you have disabled reset then you need a parallel programmer. The simplest solution is to use another atmega8 to reset the fuses, refer to 101505 The more complicated solution (that can work with any AVR) is Atm
Hi, There are loads of such timers, just search this forum and the web to find a suitable one. Most will be micro based so that mean getting a programmer as well. Depends if you intend to become involved in micros or is it more a one off project ? Probably the simplest and cheapest way is to use an Arduino Uno board that can be programm
simplest way for the non-expert programmer is to synthesize a small test design with your piece of code in it, synthesize it and then 1) see what the synthesized result is 2) see what kind of delays you are getting (in the timing report) and 3) use this information to take a step from non-expert to slightly-less-non-expert.
To program reliable predators such as 89C2051 and 89C51 you should use some of older programmers. For 89C2051 you can use BlowIt (simplest for 89C2051), ATP158-Programator ATMEL ?CU (89C20515) or "Atmel 89 Series Device programmer" (program both serie). Additional to this try to find and use "S" serie of ?C such as 89S2051, 89S51, 89S52.
Hi, lijoppans is right that a diy pk2 clone is a good device, however you need a simple programmer to program its chip with ! If you want the simplest, cheapest Serial programmer then its a JDM type, just search this forum for countless details of it.
Hi every body I own a universal programmer for pic,so I want to programmer AT90S8515,but I must use the pack top AVRMPU1 DIP40; Who can give me a simplest for accessing only the 6 pins needed for programming my microcontroller with A socket I designed on my own. Thanks Hope you help me.
Can you help me with finding a Compiler or a header for Keil? Keil doesn't support ATMega , or TINY mcu. Download (or the older version 4 with winavr if you wish) The simplest programmer you can make is The one you show is USBasp which is
simplest 25-pin LPT 89S51/52 programmer : 78898 From USB port you can take 5V. Tested and working like charm. :wink:
Does your laptop have RS232 port, how do you try it ? Try this simplest PIC16F84 programmer : 77440 77441
One of the simplest programmers you can make is assuming that you have a serial port in your PC. Then you can use this programmer to make a much better USB programmer On the other hand you can buy a USBasp programmer from ebay with a very low cost , less that $5 US
Maybe uC is protected! Do You have some PIC programmer ? This is simplest PIC16F84 programmer : 701717017270173
Hello! I'm thinking at replacing an AT89 C4051 with an AT89 S4051, if possible. Any advice will be apreciated. I have an x.hex file to write into an AT89C4051, but the simplest programmer from BlowIt doesn't work, so I wonder if it is possible to write the very same x.hex program into an AT89S4051, using ICSP, because of the simpler (...)
Hi Probably the simplest thing to do is to run Actel's DirectC in something like a PIC. Keith (Actel FAE UK)
You never mentioned on which system you are using this circuit. Wether its a desktop or a laptop? The given cicruit is just a simplest and popular JDM programmer. This circuit will work fine only with a dektop PC with a proper serial port and not when used with a laptop with a USB-serial converter. If you still have problems, re-check your hardware
You may convert the popular and simplest AVR programmer USB ASP to program 89sXX devices in ISP. Refer this thread with similar discussions and links Cheers
Hi, Don't think you will find any programmer that will run with the Mikro stuff because I think they designed it to be different for that very reason. Probably your simplest option would be to build a USB Pickit2 Lite as featured many times in this forum. A friend has used a Pickit2 on the Easypic board by jumpering out the Mikro programme
i think Proton IDE is the most simplest and the best one. buts sorry to say that its not free.
If the program in the microcontroller is locked, No programmer can read it. If the program is not locked, it can be read by any simplest programmer. Good luck
Check this, it's the simplest programmer you will ever find.