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Hi Does anyone have "master password" required to download docs from Eurotherm website. furthermore any advise in working with Eurotherm 2604 will be acknowledged. Thanks
hello Guys few years ago i was using MPLAB 8.92 to write code for 8 bit devices like 12c508 & it was working but now i needed an old file to com[pile again for use but the assembler give me errors like directive only allowed when generating an object file any idea ? if i have to set anything before assemble it because i didnt use it sinc
Hey everyone! I?m curious about what experiences everyone has here using Vivado HLS with a Zynq-based board. Would you share yours? If you haven?t used Vivado HLS, why not? E.g. didn?t like the IDE, didn?t like the languages, hard to learn, too low level (I like nicer programming environments), too high level (I?m fine with VHD
I know that looks a bit ugly, but a coffee-can antenna for 2.4GHz is the simplest directive antenna (with proved good performances) that you can get for low cost. On the net you can find a lot of information how to make it:
The simplest microstrip inductor would be from a microstrip line without ground (the ground decrease somehow its inductance). The inductance of an isolated (no groundplane), high impedance microstrip line (W << W(Zo)) is given approximately by: L(nH/mm) = 0.2*{ln+1.193+0.2235(W+t)/l} where W is the width of the strip line, t is th
Hi, Still unclear how the Vbus/300 is generated. Thus the simplest circuit I can think of: V_bus/300 - 1.2V shunt reference - (output) - pullup. Klaus
Most newer USB keyboards since 2010 are no longer combo devices supporting PS/2 protocol. You need to search for keyboards that explicitly specify USB and PS/2 support. Well this are great news for the project. If the intelligence is inside the keyboard, then USB keyboards can be used with this project IF they support t
A resistive voltage divider won't work for the reason you already worked out, the load (the RC project) is effectively across the bottom resistor making it's value appear to be much lower. The simplest solution here is to use a linear 3.3V regulator. They cost almost nothing and take in anything from about 4V to 30V on their input pins and give a s
Hey guys I have used XC6SLX9-3TQG144I in my design. according to data sheet the jtag circuit must be like the illustrated image. I have implemented it in my board. 155174 my problem is that when fpga is not programmed (after connecting power supply) I can program my board successfully. done pin goes high. but after that
Hi I want to plot 1 dB compression point versus frequenices. My goal is to plot Pout at 1 dB compression point Versus frequency. Is there any function in virtuoso calculator that picks the power @ 1 dB compression point from Pout Vs Pin plot?Thanks - - - Updated - - - It seems th
A Yagi-Uda antenna, even poor constructed will in most cases have a clear directivity. At 2.4 GHz is directivity in need of free space. Indoor environment creates to much reflections so that any directivity is more or less random. Most antenna design found at internet are theoretical antennas, that not will function well in real life. Calculated by
Seems they aren't economical to mass produce otherwise they would likely be found in all the major cellphones, laptops and other devices which make use of wifi and similar RF bands. Log periodics seem the simplest way to broadband reception.
Hi , I am getting error message when I go to debugging dspic33ch128mp508 curiorsity development board. I inculded the configuration settings at the begining of the programme. error message : "Target Device Not Ready For Debugging Check Config Bits PGC, PGD Settings". Is there settings I need to check // FSEC
Hi, We are using PIC16F1503. We need to use one of the programming pins, either ICSPDAT or ICSPCLK in the circuit to turn on a high Z input. The pickit3 programmer doesn?t tell what is the maximum current capability of the icspdat or icspclk pins. Do you know it? None of the documentation tells it? PIC ICSP
I'm working with the Development Board of the Max 10. I would like be able to see the contents of the flash without the need of having to read all the addresses (it doesn't have to be real time). Or at least to be able to export a file with the contents of the flash. Is there an option/tool that allows this? For more context: I'm trying to
The simplest way is to use ac analysis and measure imaginary part of current. For a very low values of Vds and/or Vgs negative capacitance or asymmetrical (Cgs not equal to Csg) is nothing suspicious, if you are using BSIM model in version 3 or 4.
Hi All, I need to program a micro controller AT89C51AC3. But unable to do so. Will you please suggest me which software and programmer will be use to program?. I need to load two program in this microcontroller. I tried to do this with ATMEL FLIP but getting RS232 time out error. Is there any other software or programmer which can help me
but I feel like it looks pretty amateur when I send a pick and place file to my board house with all my components at weird places. I may be wrong, but the use of footprints slightly larger than the expected numeric error may be sufficient to deal with this scale conversion. Most automatic pick and place machines, even the simplest
The formula you use is the simplest level2 square law model for the transistor. Actual models are not that simple, but for hand calculations your formula should be good. In anyway, you want to get in the ballpark correct schematic sizing when you do hand calculations and then adjust the rest by simulation. Transconductance can vary with the input c
Search for an AC SSR (solid state relay) rated for 220Vac and at least 1/2A. That would be the simplest replacement for a mechanical relay.