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PI is what you get from having the basic integrating opamp (error amplifier) setup, which is about the simplest way to do it. Here in ltspice sim I show you PI controller for current mode you see its broken down into parts...and you see there is not really an easier way to do see the error amp, its so simple and gives you nice
I would not recommend using smps in an application subjected to so agressive electric environment. Perhaps it would be better to adopt a simplest design, such as one based on linear power supply.
it depends on the load type, but usually some type of isolation is necessary to prevent electrical shocks. the simplest yet high performance feedback isolation is opto-coupler which consists of a voltage reference (e.g. TL431) and an error amplifier (opamp or TL431 itself). also compensation could be done in the secondary side. BEST
You want to make or to buy the 12V power supply ? The simplest smps converter topology. 12 Volt DC Power Supply
the simplest is using transformer, if you want to go to spms try viper22 from st
The simplest and most effective way of grounding circuits such as yours is to implement a ground plane on the board .. All you have to do is make sure that the component 0V connections, which carry the return path through, have a short and direct connection to the 0V plane .. The return current for each signal automatically finds its own preferen
I have looked at the circuit of a few smps chargers for mobile phones and they use a variant of this circuit. The simplest have no feedback at all, and the output voltage varies linearly with the supply current. Next up, is voltage feedback from an auxiliary winding. There is some regulation. The reputed brands include an optoisolator with
How one measure the PSRR of his power supply circuit? Need simplest method. Any info will be help.