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Hello everyone. I have a question. I have a 0.18um CMOS model file compatible with LTspice, Cadence etc. Its extension is .l and contains models for all corners of the process. Thing is i want to build a VCO and i have electromagnetically simulated and extracted the inductor models in Momentum, so i would like to design and (...)
in my circuit a am using center tapped inductor.. i need to simulate that circuit in orcad 16.3 whether in orcad center tapped inductor is available or else wat i have to do to produce the same effect in my simulated circuit...
This is a very simple chip. I don't know what you are after to simulate, just the pwm generation stage, the full control loop. What I should do is simulating the power stage with some constant duty cysles, to see the ripple in the output, the inductor currents, ... If this simulation works like expected, build it with the real components, an
A 3GHz VCO was designed with on-chip inductor model. Two kinds of models were used, s-parameter model and spice-model that was extracted from the s-paramtere model. When I simulate the VCO phase noise with the two kinds of models there is much differenct. The phase nosie is better if I use the spice inductor (...)
As title. Thanls