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Hello All, I am new to Electromagnetic simulation; I want to simulate a Differential microstrip transmission line to know if there is any impedance discontinuity and have some Questions: 1- I am using waveguide ports, is there anyway to add a differential waveguide port? 2- is there a way to cross probe between TDR plot and the (...)
Hi I try to simulate a 50 ohms microstrip line with cst until 10Ghz and I have a unusual behavior in the S parameters also I compared the results with momentum and the results are deferents can some body help me with the cst setup to simulate the microstrip transmission (...)
Hi, I would like to simulate a microstrip in cst. 82964 On one side of microstrip there is coaxial cable, it's cooper core will touch the line. In the end of the coaxial cable will be lumped port between core and the end of cable (shield with pec). On the second side of microstrip will be (...)
i'm already start to simulate my design but there are more methods -microstrip transmission line - cell with boundary condition (xmin , xmax Et=0), (ymin, ymax Ht=0), (Zmin,Zmax open add space) - cell with boundary condition (Xmin, Xmax periodic), (Ymin, Ymax periodic) (Zmin,Zmax open add space)
I'm trying to simulate a simple microstrip line according to a tutorial but for some reason the transient solver keeps crashing on me. There is no error or warning whatsoever. The log file simply stops midway. I'm not sure what's wrong. Could somebody please check on this?
hello all i'm newbie in this forum.... I'm working on final project on microstrip antennas. I ask for help to design microstrip line antenna with a frequency of 144,28 MHz with the dimention 20cm or less than that.vswr 1,5 polarization linear radiation pattern unidirectional. I simulate this task using (...)
u can simulated it but you should put and small metal as a switch
Dear all I tried to simulate nanoscale (50nm) microstrip line in cst for the S-parameters at 100 GHz range. i ended up getting this message, port memory exception. Is it because the mesh size is too small? I have tried to optimize the size but i want to at less maintain 4 mesh at transverse direction..... Can anyone (...)
Hi friends My first question is about loss calculation in cst MW I wanted to simulate a microstrip line to investigate different losses. I used an open boundary and copper as strip material...., I monitored E and H fields in my desired frequencies. In the loss and Q calculation item, it just calculate the copper loss! a (...)
1) draw a retangular sheet verdical to the MS line, and define it as a waveport. 2) you have to cut the structure into halves , define the E and H boundary, and simulate the impedance. Just my points of view, correct me if I m wrong.
i am using cst mws to simulate different microstrip antennas. my question is that commercially available substrates comes with electrodeposited copper with thickness from 8 ?m to 70?m. so this will be the thickness of our etched microstrip line or microstrip antenna now in (...)
Hi i have noticed that whenever you model transmission line over EBG structure cst MWS give warning message saying waveguide port is inhomogenous. some higher order propagating modes have been neglected please decrease the port size or change the frequency range. i want to know whether some one else also get these problems or not
you can use from softwares: 1- ie3d 2-hfss 3-microware office 4- microwave cst 5- FEKO these software usefull in simulate microstrip antenna.
Hi, all I know cst is able to simulate base on time and frequency domain. Can anybody tell me how to set to see the time-domain response, for example using the simple 2-port microstrip line.