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GWDBSUCCESS i have posted an LTsice simulation of an offline flyback that uses your transformer. Just convert from.txt to .asc, then open in ltspice, then hit running man icon. Also posted is excel design doc. The datasheet you attached does not give the ferrite type so you cannot calcuate the core you will have to do thermal measurem
Isn't it obvious that for low frequency power transfer the coils must be very close together or touching each other, have many windings and have an iron core and for high frequencies have a ferrite core? Does a simulation program know anything about that? What is CST (Central Standard Time?) and what is MWS (Medium Waxed Shine?).
I searched around the web for ferrite material simulation in full-wave solver, there is some work around mentioned, but there is no direct solution. I want to get a knowledge if there is any tool that can truly model the ferrite material yet. Thanks for bring the info.
The question is if you actually need the non-linear core model for your simulation. It would be the case if you want to model saturation effects or magnetization losses exactly. I noticed that the magnetic.lib shipped with Pspice contains only ferrite cores. Here's a simple silicon iron core model that I used for some transformer saturation s
Dear all My question is: Can I make simulation of ferromagnetic resonance measurement of ferrite material using HFSS? Thank you
I eventually solved the problem. I started the Maxwell package and re-regenerated the fields by running the simulation of the ferrite material again. I presume my problem came from the fact that Maxwell software was not running in the background when I started my simulation in HFSS, thus HFSS was unable to connect to Maxwell to access the (...)
Hi, I have two boards (one in FR4 and one in roger) connected to each other by two Samtec connectors. I have all models necessary for the SI simulation (transmitters, receivers, ferrite bead and connectors samtec). I have done correctly (I assume) the setup of the models. Allegro PCB SI is able to extrapolate correctly the topology of the net t
Hi, Has anybody ever used ferrite in their simulation (CST or HFSS) ? Perhaps you would like to share the material properties :grin: wlcsp
The usual gap calculation doesn't use core area at all, just effective length and permeability, see Ferroxube data book. An accurate calculation would need to consider both acutal gap area and stray flux. At the end you have to refer to a 3-D magnetic simulation. Do you really need it? Curiously PQ50 isn't offered as a gapped core by Ferroxcube.
Dear all I want to design a microstrip patch with ferrite substrate in HFSS. The substrate is set to "substrate" in hfss and when I change it to ferrite and simulate it,the program goes and goes and never stops! I don't know what is wrong with it? Anybody can help me? Here is my design
Hello everyone.. Is it possible to include a matching circuitry like balun in my design(monopole antenna below 500MHz) in CST??? if yes how can i add ? Is anyone know some formula about balun . how to calculate no of turns (what parameters it affects) dimensions of ferrite etc... thanks in advance ..
For example in a 5 pole 500kHz LPF (whatever topology) if you use inductors with Q=50 or inductors with Q=500 there is not significant difference in rejection performance. Do a simple simulation to prove this.
I am trying to simulate a simple model: cylindrical waveguide filled with ferrite C48 taking into account the dependance of the electromagnetic properties ( epsilon, ?, dielectric and magnetic losses) with frequencies but my simulation stops. I would like to know if some one had already this problem if yes how did you resolve it ?
Apparently it's a means to achieve the intended directivity by manipulating the phase and/or magnitude of the respective patches feeding. I guess, you won't be able to predict the effect without an exact EM simulation. Or you find the topology described in literature.
Pls, I need help on the above. I introduced the dummy substrates and Discrete setup analysis but my simulation keeps hanging for days and doesnt exceed Pass 1. Pls if there's error in my design, help me out. Attached is my design.
who can help me ? when I simulate the microstrip with magntic biased ferrite substrate in HFSS, error occurs with the follow message: Port refinement, process abc3d : Anisotropic material principal axis on "WavePort1" must align with the port normal. simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine.
cool post! very interesting! simulation rachat de credit
I was wondering if someone would help me or give me ideas about a problem I'm having with meshing in HFSS. I'm simulating a ferrite rod loop antenna (like those in AM radios) with 90 turns and is 5.4cm long. This antenna receives a 1MHz carrier signal. The problem is, with many turns and the frequency so low, the radiation boundary is rather large
I am new in HFSS and I have a project in which I have to study the performance of a small cage lined with ferrite in the walls. The dimension of the cage are 55x55x52cm. This cage is used to make EMC measurements. The first step is analyze the reflection losses of the ferrites at normal incidence an compare the results of the simulation with (...)
Hi my friends. I want to simulate a ferrite device by a simulator. it seems that the results of cst mws is not real. I can't simulate ferrite with hfss. i don't know if the simulation of ferrite devices by hfss match with practical results or not. please give me an idea about the simulation of (...)
how can simulate ferrite structures with hfss? what should define the relative permiability Ur of the ferrite? can you send me a file with filetype:hfss that is an example of simulating ferrite with hfss? i want a HFSS file that simulate a ferrite structure(i want an example simulation). please send me (...)
Hiiiiiiiiii, When you assign any ferrite material in HFSS every material should have magnetic bias, without which there is an error even before the simulation starts, but one thing what you can do is assign a very low magnetic bias say about 10 A/m, which is nominal and low.
I need to simulate a 10kw transformer (ferrite core), Vout 100kV 30Khz. Could anybody suggest me the best software to do that? I know femlab. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks in advance
Hi, How can I simulate whith SPICE a ferrite Core like the most popular in RF : FT-50-43 ??? Have you got some reference about this particulars transformers ?? Regards?