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HI everyone I'm new to FPGA and I was wondering if there is a simulator for its development kits? What I mean is that for example for AVR we could simply use a software like Proteus and avoid the need for buying an educational kit. Now please tell me if there is a software for an FPGA device like Xilinx's Spartan or even better a (...)
Plz any one tell me the simple definition of "simulator and emulator in embedded systems"? >>thanx in advance<<
hi all i am trying to do a research about LTE femtocell in the following filed: 1. SON {self organized network} Or 2. IMS{IP multimedia subsystem} ((where signalling (SIP) between femtocell and EPC will be studied)) so i confused which simulator or emulator can support my research can you tell me which software can help me to do my (...)
Whats is the difference between 3DEM simulator and 3D EM emulator ?
what is actual difference between emulator and simulator,?i read from the internet that emulator is actually an hardware which substitutes the target and can do step by step process to see if there is any error in output whereas a simulator can only perform if there is an error in software (...)
sir, i saw a simulator/emulatir type asm code generates asm code for pic and at89/at90 series asm code. they use that emulator just by clicking by the mouse. they are using just clicking on the port which are drawn in bellow automatically asm code is generated. after finishing this process.they just copy the code
Hi Does anybody know a good simulator or have good tutorials on HBE EMPOS Tiny board? It uses the PXA255 Microprocessor which is based on the XScale architecture. I desperately need some good tutorials and a simulator/emulator. Thanks. :D
a debugger can mean 'debugging the sw with simulator'. (or) 'debugging hw and sw with an emulator' which one you are talking about for 8051? srizbf 21stmay2010
can anyone explain the diff bet simulator and emulator
Recently I come to know 8085 microprocessor can be executed without RAM, I didn't know that, so I have made a circuit that contains 8085,8255(I/O port),6264(RAM),2764(ROM) that contains RAM too, but it can be remove. I can't find assembler for 8085 on the internet, what I have found are the simulator, there are assembler and emulator for (...)
Hi, I am in search of USB Ethernet simulator/emulator just like Virtual CD in PC. If any one know the software plz let me know. I am student writing driver and api for it. It would be great help if someone could assist in this case. Thanks a lot in advance
AVR Studio Debug Platform Selection: AVR Studio can be targeted towards the built-in AVR simulator, or an AVR In-Circuit emulator (bought separately). If you don't have a suitable In-Circuit emulator, you must use the AVR simulator.
Hi, skyeye is a simulator for many processors. It now includes support for MCF5272 and MCF5249 processors. Maybe this could help you... Regards
The simulator simulates the behavior of your system through software, so you can simulate a program that will run on a microcontroller or on a FPGA. and you can simulate the behavior of a hardware system using mathematical equations. on the other hand, the emulator uses hardware to emulate the behavior of your system. (...)
Let's try M-IDE51 * Assembler : ASEM-51 (MCU files collection July 17, 2005) * C-Compiler : SDCC C-Compiler 2.5.4 (snapshot 051126) * simulator: TS Controls emulator 8051 v1.0 (simulator 2KB evaluation)
What is the Difference b/w Simulation & Emulation? , How can u define simulator emulator?. Please give some examples
In general, we call the software based simulator as 'simulator', while the hardware based boxes which could simulate the actual CPU runing as 'emulator'
If you are talking about ICE schematics you won't find. ICE it's that special device with a probe fitted on your board instead of a Z80 controller and able to emulate it as if micro was there. These kind of devices are priced in 1K-3K range, thus I'm not expected to see a circuit diagram. Probably you need a software simulator to test your progra
Hi there, I have finally make the decision that I will start knowing this side of the coin doing my work with emulator/simulator :). Actually I first will use this one for intel 8051 and 8086, arm, avr, Z80, Motorola M68HC08 and the peripheral devices: 8-digit 8-segment LED display pad, monochrome mat
I'm a begineer for communication satellite. I'll buy a simulator for GEO satellite communication system. The simulator will simulate QoS, data throughput... If don't care about cost. Opnet and Qualnet which one is better for my request? Or others simulator are suitable for me. Thanks!