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From the posted pictures is hard to understand where the mistake is. Try to follow the example below, and you will understand how to design a coaxial feed. Indications might not be exactly the same if you use a different version of the simulator.
Yes it could be drawn(modeled) in schematic window. The circuit is simulated in EM simulator because the one simulated in schematic is just an approximate model but the simulated layout is the realistic feasible one.
Hello everyone, I am designing microstrip BPF at 10 GHz. I need to know which simulator is better for filter design in ADS. Momentum Microwave or FEM Siumlator? Thanks and Best regards, Kamran
em talk uses approximate formulas to calculate lengths that are usually required to be tuned using full wave simulator like HFSS. It is not a surprise to have unexpected results with lengths and widths calculated through approximate formulas used by microstrip line calculators. I think small tuning to lengths and widths can solve the problem.
Do you really need open source (with code) or just a simulator that can be used at no cost? Have a look at this thread:
Your thought is right. Most probably there is a reflection and mismatch between lines and switches. Into the simulator, try to separate the stages and check what input/output impedance see each stage separate. One important thing is that in microstrip design, a smaller strip width leads to higher losses.
I am afraid this home made splitter (Wilkinson based) will not work well, because what I see from the picture, the widths of the microstrip lines are all over the range of dimensions. You can play with any simulator, and you will find that Wilkinson splitter is not as sensitive to the length of the lines as it is to their impedance.
Dear all, We want to design an microstrip antenna array at 150GHz. The losses in the distribution network should be very low, so we will use superconductors to fabricate the summing network. However for this high frequency, superconductors exhibit frequency dependent surface impedance and this behavior have to be simulated. And since we have
First of all the circuit presented will never oscillate without feedback capacitors, whatever the series inductor is made by microstrip or lumped. Just put the circuit in a simple simulator for confirmation. Even the circuit is considered a Negative Resistance VCO, would need some feedback components. Second, the DC current bias of BFP420 (30mA) is
using a circuit simulator will not take into account the effects of the transitions between different transmission line types. As far as the solver is concerned whether it's cpw or microstrip it sees 50 ohms (assuming they both have correct dimensions). Ground in a circuit solver is ideal. A 2.5D solver like sonnet would take it into account.
microwave office has a circuit simulator with blocks for most microstrip blocks and can be viewed as layout.
You can try TXline from AWR or QUCS, that is a simulator with an embedded tool taht allows the calculation of many transmission lines:
AppCAD is a useful collection of calculators, with enough to figure out a LNA design, and decide on microstrip line-widths and substrate type and thickness. It is not a full simulator! The famous simulators are like those derived from ex Hewlett-Packard, now Agilent ADS, AWR Microwave Office, Ansoft Designer & Nexxim. There are more. (...)
Hi friends I thinks u should use CST. it's very simple to use. Ok. if u use cst, u can search folder I post in this forum. all example with CSt, when u watch it, u can use CST to simulator your antenna. Ok
The best in your case is to use an EM simulator and see how you can deal with a suspended strip feeder over a dielectric. I'm pretty sure, in this situation the strip it will radiate almost the same as your antenna.
I 'm simulating a passive circuit(microstrip filter) using agilent ads with MOM engine simulator. My problem is that by choice of a substarte (ε =10) thickness of 2.54 mm the simulation result goes wrong. On the other hand, s21 is above zero dB(for a passive circuit). I should mention that by choosing the same substarte with thickness of 0
hi all can u tell me which is better to design microstrip antenna hfss, cst or ie3d regards kartik
There are only few waveguide schematic models. I think your approach might be wrong. What are you trying to model/layout? Do you have an EM simulator available (Momentum, Sonnet etc.)?
Hi, I'm doing a project microstrip antenna using the simulator FEKO, and I would like to find a model of SMA PCB valid and consistent for simulations that can be used, is there anyone who can help me in finding the actual CAD values ​​of loss tangent and conductivity of the conductor to be used? Thank
dear all i m facing some problem in optimizing the resonant frequency of a coaxially feeded microstrip antenna using Powel Optimizer in IE3D simulator. anybody can tell me........................ i hv already varified the optimization of the resonant frequency of a microstrip line feeded microstrip antenna using Powel (...)