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Hello I have some queries about delta-sigma dac. 1) basically, it is same with delta-sigma ADC, but it consists of digital blocks, such as accumulators. However, how to synchronize the clock with PCM signals from a DSP? Does it need serial communication circuits? 2) I tried to find simulink simulation example, but there are only ADC exampl
Hello. I've bought a student license for matlab and the main thing to explore was interfacing a ?C with matlab/simulink to be used as a platform for ADC/dac testing and a lot of other cool things. But after installing all support packages and trying to connect ta arduino(have tried Uno, Mega and Due) an error occurse in windows. when trying
Hi All! A am a newbie in simulink & Matlab programming, but I need to implement QAM64 modem in FPGA. The task is - do digital mixind I&Q channels in transmitter for sending it to dac, then separate its in receiver after ADC. I found the HDL optimized model
How to simulate SCR dac for CT Sigma Delta Modulators in simulink Can u share the idl here,Tks
i'm working on sigma-delta adc in simulink.i need a 1-bit dac in its feedback loop. from where should i get it?? please help me someone as soon as possible... Thanks in advance
hello guys, I am working on a project which requires sine wave frequencies from MATLAB/simulink using the system generator to be implemented into VHDL as a LUT. I want to use the DDS Compiler to generate the sine waves but am not sure how to put in a LUT for the values. It is an 12-bit output sine wave which is outputted to a dac, I use a Spartan3E
Hello everyone !!! Can anybody tell how to model a NRZ, RZ, HRZ pulse dac in simulink (Matlab)??
Hello evryone..!!! can anyone tell me how to model a NRZ dac in simulink (Matlab)???
Hello everyone !!!! I am trying to model a non ideal delta sigma ADC in simulink. Can any one provide me the papers/links which give the simulink/matlab model of the nonidealities of the multibit quantizer and a mismatch-shaping digital-to-analog converter ????
Hello, I'm trying to build CT Sigma Delta modulator with multibit quantizer, but I need N bit dac block in simulink but I can't find it. can anyone help me?
hi everyone I am trying to simulate a sigma delta in simulink. I need a block for a 1 bit dac, to give the modulator a feedback. Can anyone tell me how to get this dac.
I'm doing a design on a development board in simulink. I have Realtime Workshop and all that fancy stuff so I can simulate my design in simulink and then generate a bit file (with ISE working in background) and then actually download this design into the FPGA on the board and run it in hardware. This system works really great, its amazing actuall
Hi, everyone, I m now working on the difficult prj about 12~14bit current steering dacs, but I didn't know how to model the dac using simulink or Matlab, Can u guys help me with the subject? Please be kind as to give the simulink model or matlab code. Thanx a lot!
Hi all I'm simulating 2nd order delta sigma ADC using spectreS. Initially dac coefficients are calculated using simulink model and its designed in SpectreS(by another student). Now I'm reworking on this circuit to improve the center frequency. So I would like to measure ADC performance using spectreS for different input frequencies/amplitu
Hi, I'm a licenciate student in Finland. I am looking for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF IC Design Job in Europe or US. I have about five years IC design experiences. I designed dac, LPF, PA, Opamp. I'm familiar with most popular EDA tools like composer, virtuoso, hspice, hsim, spectra, spiceexplorer, calibre, xcalibre, protel, matlab/simulink etc. I ha
HI ... I WANT to send sampled & quantized voice in fpga .. now the problem is that i dont have a ADC or dac i can use matlab ... now how can i translate voice , may be from VOICE RECODER BLOCK IN simulink ... OR ALREADY PRESET .wav file , into 1'S & 0's .. any body having any matlab program that can change voice to 1's and 0's ...... i.e
Hi everyone, These days ,I am focus on current steering dac. But I do not know how model it with matlab or simulink. Can anyone provide me the matlab model code for dac. Thanks a lot. Best regards.
I think you should now sth about your model on the paper or your mind then using MATLAB/simulink. It seems you don't have any model and looking for sth ready to use is it correct? you can also use other tools like SPICE, Maple, HDLs, and even LabView with Matlab to do such thing it depends on you models... e.g. if you work at Cell Design level
Hi friends, I have an analogue signal that need to be converted Digital signal in simulink.(For example speech voice signal as an analogue signal). I searched for ADC block in simulink but found nothing we have to create own block for AD? Thanks now.
hello everyone... am unable to find a workin dac model for simulink which is most essential part of my proj... could somebody help me out