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Hello, I am somewhat experienced with vivado design flow. I have to design a packet processor on my Zynq 7020 FPGA. It has fragmentation, framing, parsing etc blocks in it. Is it better to use simulink for Zynq package or is it better to design it in VHDL on vivado? One of my colleagues told that "it might be better and easy to design in simulin
Yes it is possible. Before that you have to install vivado system design. By using xilinx system generator you can convert simulink model into HDL
I want to generate 250Khz analog signals through microcontroller. I am going to use 2Mhz square wave with different duty cycles followed by low-pass filter. I have simulated all these things in simulink and getting square wave with variable frequency according to my requirement. The problem is i want to know the exact timing when square wave ch
Hello, I would like to use simulink in Matlab R2014a to generate code for the Ti C2000 F28035 uC. After I configured Matlab i started simulink but in my simulink library browser the "Target Preferences" block isn't available. Can anyone tell me where is this block? Thanks in advance, Moataz Fouad.
Hi all,, i am jumadil, newbie at this forum... i have a problem with HDL coder.. i want to make a FIR filter with FDA tool (simulink Matlab), and then i generate VHDL's code with HDL coder, but unfortunately that program didn't work.. how i supossed to do? is there any setting to configure the (...)
I would use neither. I dont know labview, but matlab and simulink are just high level modelling environments and pretty poor FPGA development tools. The HDL code they generate is sub optimal. Its fine if you dont mind wasting a load of space in your FPGA, but to get the most out of it you need to hand code your design, which (...)
I need one help. Please if you able to help me i will be very grateful for your kind help. There is one tool in Xilinx, System Generator. I have prepare one architecture using blocks from simulink in it. i am getting good results then i have generate the VHDL code through HDL code GENERATION. now i have a VHDL (...)
Hello , I am trying to generate QPSK Modulation in simulink using Matlab function. Attached are the simulink file along with Matlab code. I am stuck in generation of IQ data because simulink call matlab function every time during simulation which results in re-initialization of all variables. Please (...)
I want matlab code for demodulation in BFSK...please ASAP.... It is very simple to implement BFSK De-modulator you have to make two filters and diode detectors. What you can do implement the design on simulink and generate its code.
Hi, The simplest is to use simulink to generate WCDMA. Other options include specific Matlab, Octave code. Further there are also C++ codes. All depends on your budget and time limitations. All of them support offline as well as quasi-real-time analysis
my project is adaptive noise cancellation...i've used NLMS algorithm for filteringand the input is a sound file...when i tried to generate hdl code using simulink hdl coder following errors are shown: 'Frame based models are not supported in this release.' 'Matrices are not supported in this release.' 'LMS block only (...)
simulink toolbox is GUI for MATLAB tool box (not actually for easy understanding) , the equivalent code can't generate using simulink for MATLAB. an important point is that we can use MATLAB functions in simulink environment.
I have to generate an efficient base index/address generator for FFT processor. Please can anyone help me with the VHDL coding or Matlab/simulink model..!!
System Generator tool box from xilinx integrates with Matlab simulink. It will generate code or target file for you.. Similarly Altera's DSP builder also supports matlab interface....
hi everyone, how could you generate a ccs code from simulink -matlab-,,,,for cs2000 DSP,,, thanks in advance,
hi i am using simulink to generate c code from it for implementation on dsk6713 board. i have generated the code but when i saw it i did not find where input and output signals are? can any one help me how input and out signals are defined in simulink and then assigned for dsk6713 , (...)
Hi, You can build models in MATLAB/simulink and generate C code from them using the Real-Time Workshop in MATLAB. MATLAB has IDE Links and Target Support Packages for most of the widely used microcontrollers and DSPs which allow you to generate C code from your models and then debug/verify your (...)
Dear Ahmad Open matlab 7.8 , R2009a , and you will find a demo in simulink HDL coder describing an LMS filter , it is written in embedded matlab and convertable to VHDL. see the demo help for more details , feel free to ask salam
Hi all, Please help me know how to generate C-code using Matlab/simulink. Please i need it for my project..
I want to simulate systolic array and evaluate its delay and area. Can i simulate it in MATLAB then generate its VHDL code? what's about NIOS II? in your opinion, which one is better, faster and generate light and correct VHDL code? thanks.
i have attached my simulink model here...(renamed file extension from .doc to .pdf) upper part is for checking functionality using floating point filters. after achieving it below i have created a ''equivalent fixed point subsytem'' so i have to generate HDL code for that ''equivalent fixed point subsytem'' and co-simulate it. but HDL (...)
I have a problem in building code for TIC2812 dsp in matlab simulink-realtime workshop. i succesfully design a model in simulik, generate code, but when i open the CCstudio(ver3.1) i find the project i generated in matlab with the necesssry source code in C++ and asm, but when i do the (...)
Hi every one. I am studing ISDB-T (TV Digital)simulation for my bachelor thesis. Could you send me some matlab/simulink codes to do my thesis. Thanks alot.
Hi also some TI DSP's are supported by simulink. so you can design you system using simulink and generate code for your TI DSP Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
Hi If you are using simulink I think you can generate C code directly for TI DSPs Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org
Look at the new Embedded MATLAB. It is extremely simple and works seamlessly with Real-time wrokshop to generate C/C++ code from M-Files and simulink Models. I think you will find it in MATLAB R2007a and later. There are also thrid-party tools that take M-Files and generate C code such as Catalytic MCS and (...)
Well i have been trying to generate c code for dsk c6416 for my final year project but it gives the following error. The model contains non inlined s functions not suited for the target.Please remove them. If someone is acquianted with such a problem please mention a solution.
Hi If u have simulink first make a block diagram and run it to see whether u get the desired results. If everythinh is fine u can easily generate a matlab code from that model. cheers srinivas
Hi~~ You can also use Matlab/simulink and Xilinx System Generator so as to generate VHDL code from simulink Model, incorporate VHDL code into simulink Model using Blackbox Block, simulate simulink Model in cooperation with ModelSim, etc.
how to simulate a digital signal(i.e:100,213,342....) with matlab simulink?
Yes is possible to generate C code from simulink .But you need the Ti toolbox (either for C6000 or C2000).then once you have your algorithm working and you are pleased .Just generate the c code for it and download it to your dsp target Now there is another way to generate (...)
I have to simulate Robosoccer objects tracking in real time... here are my questions. I use a regular webcam and a PM1.5G laptop. I hope to get help from you... 1. To simulate in real time must use simulink? 2. How to control the memory increases? 3. How "real time windows target" works when it processes tracking? can it captures a n
Synplicity unveils Synplify DSP, an alternate tool for Altera DSP Builder and Xilinx System Generator. With the Synplify DSP software, users of the simulink? design environment from the MathWorks can automatically take designs specified at the algorithm level and generate high-quality, synthesis-ready RTL code. By utilizing
Hi How to use matlab write a Low_pass filter .. I can use simulink for simulation , but I want to know how to write a matlab code.. simulink file can novert to Matlab code or not ?? a low pass filter = 1/ (s+1) = e^(-t) but how to descript expt(-t) in matlab code ?? thank you