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Hello, I am somewhat experienced with vivado design flow. I have to design a packet processor on my Zynq 7020 FPGA. It has fragmentation, framing, parsing etc blocks in it. Is it better to use simulink for Zynq package or is it better to design it in VHDL on vivado? One of my colleagues told that "it might be better and easy to design in simulin
Hi all, I am using embedded coder in MATLAB to generate PWM pulses using TI DSP28335. I used blocks from simulink and formed a small circuit. When I run the model it is giving proper result, but when I build the model, it is giving following error... ### Invoking Target Language Compiler on ADCcheckCopy.rtw ### Using System Tar
Yes it is possible. Before that you have to install vivado system design. By using xilinx system generator you can convert simulink model into HDL
I want to generate 250Khz analog signals through microcontroller. I am going to use 2Mhz square wave with different duty cycles followed by low-pass filter. I have simulated all these things in simulink and getting square wave with variable frequency according to my requirement. The problem is i want to know the exact timing when square wave ch
Hello, I would like to use simulink in Matlab R2014a to generate code for the Ti C2000 F28035 uC. After I configured Matlab i started simulink but in my simulink library browser the "Target Preferences" block isn't available. Can anyone tell me where is this block? Thanks in advance, Moataz Fouad.
I am using a Bernoulii Binary Generator to generate my data signal for a Direct sequence spread spectrum model I am designing on simulink. The specifications of the generator block is as follows : Probability of zero : 0.5 Initial seed : 61 ( random number ) sample time : 0.6 Frame based outputs Samples per frame : 100 I wish to calculate
Hi guys, Please I need how I can generate Impulse function using Matlab simulink tools Thanks in advance R. Ayyoub
how to generate ECG signal in simulink Is there any blocks to build ECG signal in simulink
I installed a virtual machine. My virtual machine is XP, I am using matlabr2010a and Xilinx 13.1 ( System Generator 13.1). I get this error when I do Hardware CO-simulation in simulink. I can play the simulation , but when I generate Hardaware co-simuluation I get this: ERROR: A license checkout has failed for System Generator for DSP (SysG
Hi all,, i am jumadil, newbie at this forum... i have a problem with HDL coder.. i want to make a FIR filter with FDA tool (simulink Matlab), and then i generate VHDL's code with HDL coder, but unfortunately that program didn't work.. how i supossed to do? is there any setting to configure the hardware's target? thanks for attention...
Is there a reason you can't generate it in simulink? It may help you visualize the process before coding it in matlab.
Better to go with dsPIC series especially MC (Motor Control) series. Because inbuilt independent PWM module to generate 1ph or 3ph PWM with programmable deadtime selection or zero dead time for Z-source inv. Encoder / ADC can be used for feedback. Easy implementation of algorithms. If you have MATLAB simulink blocksets directly you can program from
I am designing a closed loop boost converter. I have done the simulation in simulink and its working fine. I want to realize it practically but am having trouble designing the Proportional controller. It has a gain value of 100. So how do I calculate the parameters for the P controller. Please help. By the way I am trying to generate chaos(bifurcat
Hi dear friends, I need to model Logistic Map ( has eqn : x = 4*x*(1-x) ) in Matlab/simulink using Xilinx blocks. I have tried to model this system many times, but never managed yet. If anybody knows this, please help me. I will be pleased. The thing that I want to do is to model Logistic Map in order to generate chaotic series on
hello guys, I am working on a project which requires sine wave frequencies from MATLAB/simulink using the system generator to be implemented into VHDL as a LUT. I want to use the DDS Compiler to generate the sine waves but am not sure how to put in a LUT for the values. It is an 12-bit output sine wave which is outputted to a DAC, I use a Spartan3E
i faced some problems when i try to implement the pll block in simulink model. so, i need help. My confusions are: 1. How can i estimate positive sequence voltage from 3 phase unbalance voltage source? can i simulate pll circuit? THANK YOU.
I would use neither. I dont know labview, but matlab and simulink are just high level modelling environments and pretty poor FPGA development tools. The HDL code they generate is sub optimal. Its fine if you dont mind wasting a load of space in your FPGA, but to get the most out of it you need to hand code your design, which will mean getting famil
Hi guys, Merry Christmas! I am newbie here and I would like to use the Xilink white gaussian noise generator in simulink under 2012a matlab to generate the noise for my calculation. In the System Generator for DSP reference guide "UG639 (v 13.4) January 18, 2012", it mentioned that the WGNG was built based on 'A. Ghazel, E. Boutillon
hi everybody, I am doing an chaotic pulse position modulation. could somebody suggest some sites for understanding this CPPM completely? How to generate this chaos signal like modulation? where i will get this complete study materials? also i want to modulate this signal in matlab/simulink.. regards, chinn
I need one help. Please if you able to help me i will be very grateful for your kind help. There is one tool in Xilinx, System Generator. I have prepare one architecture using blocks from simulink in it. i am getting good results then i have generate the VHDL code through HDL CODE GENERATION. now i have a VHDL code of the same architecture.