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hi:all, now i want to restruct one paper used in 5th ctsdm with single opamp Resonator structure he has show the STF&NTF 69229 so i can struct matlab simulink like 69230 because it used Resonator so for the stability we need to put the zero before pole right? but the NTF is 1/(1+H) the r
hi , i will simulate a differential opamp with pins vin+, vin- , Vcm , Vout+ , Vout - . i 've already done it ,the link below show this , but i dont know how simulate Vcm between the Vin+ and Vin - ,??? my desired model is A , but i could only upto B
Hi, I am going to build the simulink models of a Pipeline ADC, including SHA, each stage of pipeline ADC,clock generation, digital correction. The non-ideal of switched-capacitor opamp should be included. Eventually I can get the plots of INL, DNL, SFDR, SNDR, and ENOB in the Matlab. Is there any examples I can follow? Or where to get more informa
Hi, I'm a licenciate student in Finland. I am looking for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF IC Design Job in Europe or US. I have about five years IC design experiences. I designed DAC, LPF, PA, opamp. I'm familiar with most popular EDA tools like composer, virtuoso, hspice, hsim, spectra, spiceexplorer, calibre, xcalibre, protel, matlab/simulink etc. I ha
Hi, I want to know how we can model the opamp's gain and BW in a discrete-time (switched-cap) integrator in simulink. Any suggestions?
Dear all: I am now desinging a 2nd-order sigma delta modulator. The architecture is gain=0.5 in both Integrator. ( Boser / Wooley 1988) I use simulink to run simulation. (SDT Tool by S. Brigati Ver.(0.1) 08/04/98) Input: 0.5 sinewave Quantizer: +1 / -1 opamp saturation voltage in Integrator: +1.35 / -1.35
sdtoolbox is very good in extracting opamp characteristics and other ckt nonidealities e.g. noise and applying them to simulink
I have simulated a 3rd order CT sigma delta ADC in I want to build it in cadence using spectre.. 0.3u technology The main blocks are: 1)Integrator for which I will be using an RC-active opamp integrator Now how should I go about its specs??The gain,bandwidth etc 2)Quantizer...I have no idea abt this...any quantizer
In spice you can model one block of your circuit with current-controlled and voltage-controlled sources and define it as a subcircuit. for example you can model an opamp with two resistors for input and output and a voltage-controlled current source. at a higher level simulink is very good. like modeling of a whole delta-sigma modulator.
Hi Let me know how to do implementation half delay (z^(-1/2)) in Matlab simulink for switch opamp implementation.I can onlydo implementation delays greater than 1. Pls give me an advise. Thanks
hi,all i am a beginer in analog ic design and recently in my first project sigma-delta ADC. my case is: 1 bit, cascade 2-1-1modulator, 64 OSR, in simulink SNR could be 108dB, considering KTC noise/clock jitter/nonideal opamp,SNR could be 97dB, noise level is about -140dB. then i begin my circuit. when simulate circuit, it is s
A systerm simulation is needed. The matlab simulink is popular.
hi guys, probably this is naive.. how to use the simulink with this model.. i have no idea... thanks srivatsan