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The attached simulink file is a very simple model of a signal source with a scope and spectrum analyser attached. The signal source produces a constant value of 1 over the entire simulation time. The spectrum analyser has been setup with a HANN window. From the spectrum analyser you can see the value (...)
Hi, the spectrum scope block in simulink has the following description: The spectrum scope block only supports One-sided () spectrums for real input signals. As far as I know the spectrum of a real signal is even. Is this the reason of only displaying one side? Owen
hye guys, I'm trying to measure the frequency spectrum of my simulation model. Unfortunately, the model's output is in continous time, so I cannot use the FFT block. Any suggestions how this can be done? Thanks in advance for any help
Hi all, I am new to Matlab simulink, and try to start following the demo in the matlab folder. Here's the question I simulate the demo. 1. Input: simple signal source (white noise, and sine wave), output FFT spectrum scope. Input source is frame-based, with "samples pre frame" =frame-size=1024. 2. In help file, I (...)
Hi everyone. I just want to plot the QPSK baseband spectrum from the output data of the QPSK simulink block. However the output of this block are the symbol coordenates in the signal space and when I use "spectrum scope" i don't get the theorical spectrum for the qpsk (the sinc function..). How can I (...)
Hi I am simulating RFID in simulink I want to add frequency spectrum at each point but unfortunately I am getting the same error at every point in the model.The following model is giving me an error at FFT scope. The error is Continuous sample times are not allowed. can anybody suggest me
Hello please find below a link to a pdf file explaining the first steps in matlab simulink and doing the thing you want and you can find attached the files needed for the tutorial just unzip and put them in the working directory by the way: spectrum scope doesn't draw the frequ
Hi all I have a simulink model which consists of a parallel blocks(filters)the outputs of which are muxed and plotted using spectrum scope(B FFT). the problem is the x axis is getting multiplied with the number of parallel blocks ex. i have 16 parallel blocks and each is a filter sampled at the figure plotted is from 0
1.figure of the power :is used to plot the power spectrum of choatic signals . problem:no output on the scope. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 2.figure of the coherent csk problem:the output of the demodulator is similler to input signal ;but suffers some delay(delay approximatly equal 0.5
Attached is the output spectrum of my OFDM transmitter. At the x-axis, the unit is in Hz. How do i increase this into the order of 6 ie Mhz?
I am currently doing a simulation of OFDM in simulink to be later used in a TI DSP. There are a few demos in simulink which involves OFDM which i play around to familiarise with the blocks before i build my own model. There is one demo in simulink called HiperLan2 which involves OFDM. What i'm trying to do now is to display the output