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This is not correct. FFT gives the frequency spectrum of the given signal. What you need to do is as follows: 1) Get a signal generator 2) Apply a sine wave of 100 Hz with some fixed amplitude 3) Measure the output amplitude (or check the output amplitude using FFT, in FFT you will see only one line since input is sine (...)
Problem is also that the bridge requires sine rather than square wave input. A filter (e.g. low-pass) is required. Could insert an amplifier too.
hi, I want to design a sine wave signal generator with the following spes. Frequency 10KHz-25MHz Output level ?25 at 500ohm load I want to use DDS like AD9954 etc. The issue is in the amplification of the signal. I have found this circuit and want to change it according to my spec. kindly explain the output stage of the (...)
hi house I've been designing inverter since 2012 and then it was on modified sine wave. I had an experience in 2014 on site after i designed a 7.5kva/96v inverter and tested that its working fine on getting to site the inverter FET got blown i fixed it the same thing happen again but i observed the effect occurs after testing the charging with a t
The small pulse width stuff is complete nonsense. A power piezo transducer like the device in the link will driven by 40 kHz sine wave, obtained by a matching LC network from a switching stage producing a square wave, e.g. a half bridge circuit. Variable pulse width could be used under circumstances to adjust the power level.
I would like to have a 5Watt sin generator with a variable frequency between 100 KHz and 10MHz. Could you tell us a little more about the application? What voltage does the sine wave need to be at? What kind of load are you driving? When and how does the frequency need to change?
Are you converting sinewaves? Then you can create a high pass CR filter, and send it to a sample-and-hold. Then higher frequencies result in a higher DC voltage. (Put a resistor on the output of the S&H so it discharges the capacitor quickly.) If it is not a sinewave input, then a one-shot and charge bucket can do the job.
hello everyone, how to connect adc block in the matlab simulink ??? , i want to connect sine wave genrator to adc and then fft and scope, im a beginner at matlab simulink , kindly help me, btw connecting sine wave generator to adc is not happening ,how to do that??? - - - Updated - - - the thing is im using
Hi geeks, I have a requirement to generate a sine wave in the range 5Hz to 5 KHz using DAC. I think the lookup table method matches my requirement. But the problem which i am facing is that how to choose the number of samples for each frequency and the sampling interval. I need to explain the logic why i choose the specific number of sample
I want to charge and discharge a capacitor using sine wave from opamp. How to generate it. Please help with sample circuit.
Hi, I use SMASH to learn verilog-AMS. I find that when I instantiate a sine wave generator only in SMASH, it can generate sine wave as I expect. When I add another module, no matter digital or analog, the sine wave output has only very small peak value noise (The names of (...)
I wish to know how to setup 230v source from proteus "generators " - sine. I worked with dc well. now when I click sine there are three fields to fill. (I need 230 v ac, 50 hz and also to work with PIC I need 2.30v , 50hz source) 1.offset ? 2. amplitude/peak/RMS ? 3. Frequency (I think this is 50hz); Vsine (...)
This might help you. Also why are you not using mikroC PWM library and vary the duty of the PWM at required intervals using a Timer ?
I am searching how to make a DDS generator or reprogram the one like this. What I need is square and sine wave from 2-10V otput with programable set timer when DDS is off and frequency from 1Hz to 1Mhz can someone advice me how to do it? What is easiest and cheappest way? obr
Good Day, All: I'm sure there's a good way....ok, I'm not sure there's a good way of doing this, but that's what askin' is for! I recently got my hands on an Anritsu MG3670B Signal generator for cheap. Lucky, that....300khz to 2.1ghz range, nice screen, but it's a Digital Modulation Signal generator, so it can't make an FM or AM signal on i
Hello, I want to buy a signal generator "not an expensive one". I searched aliexpress and found those two, what do you think is better? or if you have another one you can tell me about in the same price range, please do.
The classical, fundamental source of sine wave is AC generator. Which generates one full sine wave for one magnetic full rotation of the rotor, that is the reason why it came in terms of angular measurement.
Rather then a function generator, a sine wave oscillator 20 - 20kHZ with really low distortion, say 10 times lower then the distortion that you would expect to get from your products. And to match it a noise and distortion measuring set or a wave analyser (audio form of a spectrum analyser). With a suitable load, you can (...)
Hello to everyone, i'm a student from greece and i need some help for my project. My project is to make (with atmega16) a pulse generator based on spwm method not only for 50hz but with variable frequency 0-200Hz. I am thinking to use ADC converter and a potensiometer to change the frequency and then with timer0 making the SPWM just writing : pu
This is my understanding of MP3 players, please correct me if I'm wrong: -The MP3 player generates a specific electrical signal (depending on the song stored in its memory) -This signal is (eventually) sent through to the female audio socket -This electrical signal is carried along the wires of headphones (or loudspeaker) -When this electrical