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Hi Dan, I didnt check it yet, but Artek has it possibly too_their are mostly some cheaper. Otherwise you should/can ask singer in Germany and check "sprotl
You are in luck. A few months ago I discovered a Japanese singing and dancing phenomenon called vocaloids. A vocaloid's voice is computer generated, drawing from a database consisting of phonemes pronounced by a human singer. Characters were invented to go with the voices. Someone composed a program to turn them into animated entertainers. Their
The FM radio in my car shows the radio station's call letters, the type of music they broadcast, the name of the song that is playing and the singer's name on the digital screen. It does not use old fashioned Morse Code. Of course it uses ICs. I rarely use the AM radio because the sound is very bad and I have not looked to see if it has digital in
Easy FvM...i sense sarcasm in your answer Why? What FvM wrote is totally correct: you need to consider the loading effect of the probe impedance on our circuit. The loading impedance is shown in the datasheet: As you can see, at 2GHz it is on the order of 100 Ohm, in
There is a detailed study requirement of the spectrum of voice of the singer .The signals give the combination of all instruments with the singers input when the voice overrides in amplitudes . The same signal frequency is now taken and put as the center ffreq. of the foster-seeley discriminator .The basic freq. and the changes give an integrated A
Hi all, I'm working on a singer recognition project that identifies singer in a music recording via Multifeature Statistical singer Modelling. The architecture of the system that I want to implement, can be found in the following link: At thi
My avatar is the cover of the CD Bocanada, of the argentinian singer Gustavo Cerati. This is my favorite CD from this artist and I like this picture cos I like to keep my afro like that and stay cool against everything, not smoking a joint but, that's the attitude hehe.
Sir, I am doing my project related to voice and music separation.....So, for this they had used Gaussain Mixture Model..........Can you suggest some papers related to this topic......I want these papers also.......Sir, 1) Wei-Ho Tsai, Dwight Rogers and Hsin-Min Wang.Blind Clustering of popular music recordings based on singer voice charactersit
If someone is interested in cheap equipment, take a look here:
Hi Modem Noise Killer 1. -> t tnx
Even if someone could blame Alan singer for hidden advertisement and promoting of his products, it's wise sometimes to listen and another point of view: Do-it-Yourself or <- t