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I want to make one single board 8 bit based computer for academic use to replace my old 8085 and 68 series from Motorola which I earlier made About only 12 years ago, when it were already quite available cores with 16 bits, I worked in a company whose flagship products were based in another 8-bit variant of the Z
I have to implement Hamming Code ECC to single Port ram and True Dual Port ram. At the moment 32/64/128 bit HC ECC has been implemented but takes more resources. I know that there is Built-In ECC and Soft ECC for Simple Dual Port ram and I do not see for single Port ram and (...)
Hello, Considering the fact that a ram cell requires less transistors to implement then a DFF - why can't a ram cell be used as a complete substitute to a DFF? For example: On FPGA's, I/O pins can be connected to a there a good reason why they can't be connected directly to a single bit ram memory cell?
Hi, I have a doubt regarding the ddr 2 meomroy. I have processor to DDR2 interfaces where I am interfacing 2 nos of 1Gibt DDR 2 rams. Each ram is 16 bit data wide. I am using 32 bit data from processor to two ddr 2 rams. Instead I can use a single 2 Gbit DDR2 (...)
Totally new to verilog, working on a HW project where I'd have to design a single port ram that is 8 bits wide and has 16 memory locations. The description is as below; Write RTL description and testbench for the single Port ram, which is 8 bit wide and has 16 memory locations. The data (...)
512x8 means 512 locations for 8 or 9 bit words. IIRC, the confiurations are 4k locations x 1 bit up to 128 locations x 32/36 bit. If you use the altsyncram megafunction or infer the ram from code Quartus will do all that setup for you, and is able to map a single (...)
And also, do exist fast ram module with a minor number of pins then those used in PCs, just to improve ease of use when inserted into custom homemade circuit? Recent PC memory modules are always 64 bit wide. You can use a single 16 bit wide DDR2 chip if you want lower pin count. But there are no 16 or 32 (...)
Is there any solution to convert .bit to .coe file ? I have to initialise a single port ram (create with Block Memory Generator) with a bitstream in a FPGA virtex5 (Xilinx) So, I'm looking for any soft to convert my .bit file. I try to convert it to .hex file with BIN2HEX.EXE available here : File
Wow, that is not a clear explanation. What is a "line"? Do you mean you have 16 16-bit inputs? a 16x16 ram? A 16-bit single input with data on 16 subsequent clock cycles? Also, what is the significance of the number of "sets" in this problem if each set is being processed by itself independent from other sets? I.e. (...)
jeremylbt, The logic for the yellow blocks themselves will be very simple. For the demux you simply grab 16 16-bit words and then do a 256 bit write to the ram. For the mux, you read a single 256-bit and then do 16 16-bit writes out on the line. The hard part is going to be getting (...)

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