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write a c program to execute x/2^y in single clock cycle
So which one is better, 1GHz dual core or 2GHz single core? Depends on your application. If you're just doing a single task a 2GHz single core would be faster. If you're multitasking, the dual-core would probably be faster.
Hi everyone I'm working on converting a single cycle MIPS processor I wrote in Verilog HDL into a Pipelined MIPS processor. I'd just like some detailed guidance, programmatically speaking, about how I should go about this. I understand the main difference between the single (...)
Duty cycles can be measured with input capture unit by determing both low and high period, but only within the timing resolution given by the processor clock. Duty cycle infomation at 1 MHz will be respectivly coarse. Outputs of ATmega are exclusively digital (0/1), so I wonder how you want to output the duty cycle by a (...)
i need the code of multi cycle processor in verilog code. i have single cycle processor code but don't know how to modify it...?
plz any one help to modify the MIPS single cycle processor for lui and shift instructions. or any one have any link related to that.
i have a single cycle processor desging code bu nw i have to modify it for Load upper immidiate instruction (lui) shift logic left and shift logic right. i have a pic of that new hardware but not understand how to modify my code. i have the codee of simple single cycle processor. if there (...)
All of the three options are correct. Internal register width, determines number of bits a processor is capable of handing at a time. Register width in turn dictates data bus width, and number of bits ALU can process in single go. 8-bit processor can very well process 16 & 32-bit data, but not necessarily in a single (...)
hey , i hav made my single cycle mips code in verilog HDL now i hav 2 check my processor for results...can u plz help me out abt what are the steps now ? n simulation tools required ...i don't know how 2 write assembly code 4 it plz. do provide some examples ...thanx
Who can modify the HDL code for the single-cycle MIPS processor to handle SRA(shift right arithmetic)...?? ------------------------------------------------------------ -- mips.vhd -- and 30 May 2006 -- single cycle MIPS processor -----------------------------------------
can anybody explain on how this data memory code work on in this single cycle mips ?
i am working with the single mips cycle processor data memory part ,and i am facing problem with the verilog of data memory is my code ... // Data memory // It doesn't have a memory read output module DM(dataread,clock,memwrite,addr,datawrite); input addr,datawrite; input clock, memwrite; output dataread; reg [3
anybody have verilog code for data memory in single cycle processor mips ?i need it badly ...assignment pls help
can anybody help out the function table of register file in single mips
i am doing an assignment to design a MIPS single cycle processor ,i am doing instruction memory and data memory.may i know what is the functionality and operation of memory ?can anybody help me on this ?
alsalm 3alikom i have a problem to write a verilog code of single cycle in mips processor if anyone can help me to write it its very important plz thank u
There are many Harvard microcontrollers, DSPs are mostly Harvard, but the key advantages of DSP are: - most instuctions are single cycle, and 16 or 32 bit devices; - supports special instructions for signal processing: multiplications, multiply and accumulate the result (MAC) in 1 cycle, data adjusting, representation conversion; - (...)
Hello everyone, Can antone please help me in understanding this instruction logic of the single cycle processor. I am confused at some points. what's the input to the program counter? The output to the program counter is going to the instruction memory. But I am confused about the input stage. I read the theories from the book by David A. (...)
you can even consider a VLIW processor architecture in which a single clock cycle is enuff to execute a multi-op which has several instructions clubbed together. well as for the clock generated it has to be double the internal clock frequency for the fact that lots of spatial variations could be encountered.. so as to avoid that external (...)
hey everyone i need help finding the solution to the single-cycle and muti-cycle MIPS processor using VHDL code. i've worked on it for 5 days now and no luck. someone help me if they can find me some VHDL files. see ya