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I am doing single rank ddr3 routing in a 6 layer board with the following stackup:- Signal(L1) -> Gnd(L2) -> Signal(L3) -> Pwr(L4) -> Gnd(L5) -> Sig(L6) (I am using Saturn pcb Toolkit for calculations) Via 1 (L1-3) Via 2(L1-6) Height of Via 12 mil[/td
The appended dxf is useless because it has all data in a single layer. pcb layout data must have separate layers for each copper layer (apparently 1 in your design) soldermask(s) silkscreen ("marking") board outline drills Drill data must be probably manually converted because a file with x/y (...)
What print option should I use (mirror,not mirror) for making pcb single layer using photo etching method? for example : - components are on top silk - blue layer is bottom copper 130624 Options: 130625
Hello sir , i need a little guidance in the pcb feild , i am planning to open a pcb manufacturing facility so What machinanery will be required to set up pcb facility for printing single, double , multi layer pcbs & what will be approx cost for setting such facility?
Friends please tell me any body I am starting the pcb fabrication industry single layer and double layer I want to purchase CNC machine for drill and routing purpose please tell me any body which one is best in low cost means 1500$ to 2500$
single layer copper based pcb Material: copper base. 40mm*60mm 1.2mm Copper: 2oz Green solder mask, white legend. If you have the copper base proect, please contact me
Here are some boards we bulit. pcb with hard gold fingers 8 layer 318.9*146.86 mm 2pcs/array 1.6 mm thick FR-4 1 oz copper all layers ENIG + Hard gold fingers Green soldermask Yellow silkscreen Countersink holes single sided flex pcb 1 layer 95*50 mm 0.15 mm thick PI (...)
A standard 6-layer stack is using 2 cores. single core would be used in a sequential process for buried vias. Manufacturing steps for standard 6-layer are - etch both (double side) core substrates - assemble, press and cure complete stack (copper foil - prepreg - core - prepreg -core - prepreg -copper foil) - drill - through-plate (...)
Check if your university is capable of making its own boards. If so, you'll have to etch it yourself so try to make it single layer, and use jumper wires where necessary. In that case, use through hole components and route the traces on the bottom layer. If they're capable of making double sided boards (same process but need double sided (...)
single side components will reduce your assembly costs and also improve the emi. Whereas for the double side assembly you need to have two different stencils and also it takes more time to complete assembly.
I have this via structure, It looks like its throughhole but I don't see any clearance/isolation area with other layers. Is that means it's touching and connecting to every single layers? It doesn't make sense. If it's a via to ground then its touching the ground plane and clearance/isolates with other layers. (...)
Hey guys I am making a arduino mega (2560) shield which consists of 4 dip ICS and some capcitor and 4 (8pin row)screw terminal ,so im using basically all through hole packages soldered on one.The problem now is that the circuit is big so it cant fit on a single sided board, so I have to build double sided board which I tried but have following dou
We offer wide variety of pcbs including specialized high precision, high density and high reliability printed circuit boards (pcbs) and pcb Prototype in USA. Our range of Printed Circuit Boards includes: ? single layer pcb ? Double layer pcb ? Multi (...)
First of all, I'd use a four layer board, not two layers; you're just asking for trouble otherwise. Keep your analog and digital components separated. For ground plane, what I usually do is use a single plane and add cutouts to separate the analog and digital circuitry. Do a google search of "pcb layout guidelines". (...)
How are you generating the files? Doing image export? Looking that image you have, looks like he wants the solder stop mask layer. In Eagle there are two layers, tStop e bStop. As your design is single sided, I think you'll need just the bStop layer.
Could you post a schematic of your circuit? From what I understand of your pcb, RB1 is floating, there is no external pullup, only a couple of connectors for LEDs and sensors? What value has the resistor in series with the Vdd supply to the PIC? Is this a single layer pcb? Have you got a datasheet of your sensors?
Ezpcb, the leading global internet supplier of printed circuit board, manufactures and ships worldwide. We can supply with different types of pcb from the simple single layer to the complex multilayer HDI board. All products are RoHS compliant under ISO9001-2000 quality control system and UL approved. (...)
hi, thanks for your response. My customer needs four board as a stack-up and specific component structure for that first and fourth board does not have more component 2 layer is enough for that routing of that. But second one has FPGA. So it requires minimum 4 layers. If any possibility i sthere for the process to create in single board in
Hi all i have an eight layer board. i used 1 cdce as clock. by the way i used 2 ADCs too. the impedance of my lVDS signals is 100(ohm). i have some single ended signals like SPI_MISO, SPI_MOSI,.. . what is the typical impedance of these traces? help me tanx
hi, you can do single layer board in altium.don't route any signal in top layer you should route in bottom layer only.For Fabricator you should send Bottom layer routing ,Top-Silkscreen,Soldermask bottom and Drill table it is enough.

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