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Special dedicated single phase mains input like for electric shower...then three paralleled boost ccm pfc stages, using maybe one of the fairchild triple pfc controllers, then a full bridge LLC converter with good fan cooling and big heatsinking. or if you are really flashy, do software controlled boost pfc x3...and have them sharing the (...)
Im trying to do a simulation for single phase controlled by using pspice. But i have some problem on Vpulse, my simulation not same with the theory. Here is my circuit 128513 Vm = 339.4 V Average Voltage Output = 203 Freq = 50Hz Firing angle is = 30 degree What to set for Vpulse?
Im trying to do a simulation for single phase controlled by using pspice. But i have some problem on Vpulse, my simulation not same with the theory. Here is my circuit 128512 Vm = 339.4 V Freq = 50Hz Firing angle is = 30 degree What to set for Vpulse?
Here is datasheet and it says "The TSA5512 is a single chip PLL frequency synthesizer designed for TV tuning systems." But from what I can see it's just PLL, and requires external crystal and puts out voltage according to phase difference between crystal oscillator and RF in. If I understood correctly, TSA551
stb has let me down enough times that I stick with the old controlled source (input difference -> single ended mag/phase) and calculator math. In your case an output difference is also needed. At least you should have such a testbench (differing only in whether you use the stb widget, or the more old-school approach) to determine whether (...)
VXH is rated for Load Life= 5000 hours. @105℃ which is least 3x that of cheap light bulbs (1500 h). I guess they were calculating it would last at least the warranty period. Was it interleaved PWM controlled? or constant duty cycle single phase? or? Did you measure that accurately? or guess. Also ripple rating increases with (...)
Do avoid the noise you could used some form of higher-frequency PWM control that uses MOSFETs and not SCRs such as this, but I don't know if those are avail
I was thinking how can i make a soft starter (and not speed controller) for a single phase induction motor, like in refrigerator compressors. does anybody know where should i start?
Hey, I am making a SCR project for controlling the AC power using different firing angles. I am using micro-controller to do the gate firing. for isolation I have used MOC-3020 but I am having some issues in the gate firing circuit. i am making single phase full wave controlled rectifier circuit using SCR below is the circuit of it. (...)
I need to study for a test and one of the criteria will be similar to this rectifier; 98970 Given: RMS Voltage, L, R and back EMF, alpha with continous load current. To determine; -Output voltage and current. -Second and fourth harmonics and Output RMS current. -Power delivered to the Load. I am using these
All of three products are different, and cannot be compared, its like frogs and grannies, at least from my point of view. High Voltage phase Control Thyristor, 40 A TO-247AC single SCR Three phase Hallf controlled Bridges PSDH70 . . . . . Triacs, Thyristors, Diodes, IGBT,... in module package are often more (...)
in the last post :: press down link . to understand the project ! so far everything in the software "ISIS Proteus " working as I need but in the LAB , when I connected the circuit .. the output is not like the output in the ISIS .. I could not figure out what's the problem !! :shock: :c
Are you not sure about your project? "FULLY-controlled single-phase SCR BRIDGE RECTIFIER: RL LOAD" is not specified to you? Can you tell about your actual assignment? Introduction to Motors & Motor Control ( 6 videos 85min )
See this like starting idea It will hardly implement the 50/60 Hz frequency conversion. Generally speaking, the hardware of a typical single phase motor inverter is what you need: Input rectifier, bus capacitor, PWM controlled H-bridge, output inductor, possibly a sine filter. If high input power factor is required, the AC/
hiiii i need to carry out the circuit : single phase half bridge controlled rectifier in matlab in m-file the circuit is attached below 71219
hi everyone, ive got a question about how to calculate the average current(ITAV) of SCR in a single phase half controlled birdge with flying wheel diode in the middle, the bridge is supplying a resistive load. the question is all the formula i have are to work with inductive load, but it should be simpler with resistive load. whats
Hi, I will be starting a project which is a PID controlled single phase BLDC. I have never done motor control before. I am thinking perhaps modelling the driver though simulink is a good start. However, it has been quite a long time since I used simulink. Does anyone have any advices on how can I start with it? Perhaps anyone can share (...)
Hi i am facing problem DC drive VHFD16-08IO1: 800V half controlled single phase rectifier bridge was damage and its not available at that time kindly help me can we used other rectifier bridge reply me ASAP
single phase full converter and three phase fully controlled rectifier voltage 270V, line current=70A voltage 410V, line current = 52A Thanks for the docs
The table fan is a single phase motor and it's coil consist three stage of winding, they are;Helping,Mains and the Regulators winding. the regulator winding is used to regulate the speed of the motor.
hi everyone. I am doing project on reactive power compensation using fixed capacitor-thyristor controlled reactor and the load considered is a single phase induction motor (240V,750W,7.2A,1420rpm). The whole system consists of a 230V source , a fixd capacitor, a tcr, and load. I need a proper control algorithm for triggering Thyristors in (...)
Hi, How I can Design a firing circuit for single phase full wave controlled rectifier? and also for three phase six pulse controlled rectifier? Plz Help :cry:
Hi I need to build an analog controlled single phase inverter as quick as possible to test some ideas for my PHD. I will use a SEMIKRON IGBT bridge for the power stage. I would like to implement an unipolar SPWM modulation. However, I was taking a look at some manufacturer's websites and I couldn't find any integrated chip to implement (...)
1-what are the application of single phase half wave uncontrolled rectifier with R load and also with RC loads and with RL loads? 2-what are the application of single phase full wave controlled rectifier with R load and also with RC loads and with RL loads ? 3-what are the (...)
Can anyone done the Half-controlled single-phase Bridge Circuit with Two Trigger Pulse Transformers for Low-Power Thyristors? If so means help me,,,,,wat voltage you r giving to that rectifier input?wat is d SCR ur used?,,,,i am not getting proper output,,,,please help me if u can..? waiting for helping hands........please help (...)
hi guys i want to build a three phase pfc for a high power DC/DC converter I know that there are some differences between single phase and three phase pfcs, could anyone help me in this topic?
I want to design a half controlled SCR rectifier with PIC16f877 for driving a 15kW DC motor. is it possible? what do you suggest me to do? I have problems about firing thyristor and turning them off. they are not GTOs. I found TCA785 IC for single phase half controlled rectifier control. is it a good choice? what is the (...)
dear friends, can current controlled pwm inverter be called as current source inverter? i need formulas to calculate id , iq, theta in vector control of single phase asynchronous machine. thank u.