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Do avoid the noise you could used some form of higher-frequency PWM control that uses MOSFETs and not SCRs such as this, but I don't know if those are avail
A permanent split phase capacitor (PSC) motor is NOT the same as a split phase motor. No it isn't. But the motor under discussion with three wires is more likely a PSC motor. Most small single phase operated motors (if they aren't shadow (...)
hello everyone, i want to know that is there an h-bridge inverter module exists? i have my final year project which is variable frequency drive (speed control of single phase ac induction motor). i have generated spwm signals using pic mcu through which i can achieve variable frequency. however, i am stuck with the (...)
I was thinking how can i make a soft starter (and not speed controller) for a single phase induction motor, like in refrigerator compressors. does anybody know where should i start?
i want to repair my ceiling fan motor. it was brunt when running. i search in books and internet to repair this. but i cant solve the problem. the fan is 220V AC (50HZ), 1200RPM it has 2.5uf, 440V capacitor. any body please help me about the number of turns of the coil. and how to connect the capacitor. i attached the photo of the fan [
hi this is shre naik m doing speed control of 3 phase induction motor using single phase 230 volts,50hz supply. i wanted assembly language code for generation of 3 phase pwm signals(6 pwm) to be given to IGBT inverter i am using pic p18f4431,supply frequncy 50 (...)
Hi Folks. I'm a complete beginner so please be gentle. I'm trying to rewind a 240v, 440w, single phase induction motor. My problem is that in taking apart the windings (which were heavily varnished and fairly fried) the coils became very difficult to count so I've ended up with some discrepancies even after several counts. (...)
Hello guys, I am trying to build a control circuit for a single phase induction motor. How do I go about doing this? This motor will be powered by battery. So I would need an inverter as well. The circuit needs to be able to control the speed of the motor using VFD. thanks Hi adnama You (...)
Hello sir, I am really confused that how to control the speed (rpm) of my single phase 1 HP Servo motor using PWM by PIC16F877A micro-controller. What hardware and Code should i use to interface my 1 HP servo motor with PIC16F77A for controlling it's speed. Please find attachment for specifications of the (...)
I know single phase motor cannot start alone as rotating magnetic flux is not generated with single phase supply. To make rotating magnetic field in stator single phase supply is made like double phase supply with the help of a capacitor and double (...)
hello, this is the first topic in this forum and i happy for register here :-D i have 2 prob. in "single phase induction motor" and i can't solve them ======= ======= 1)360 w , 220v , 50 hz , 4 pole , R(main)=6 , R(aux)=10 , X(aux)=14 , X(m)=48 , constant torque=.72 , rated speed=1440 rpm determine: torque at (...)
All induction motor have speed proportional with frequency. When reduce frequency, alson need to reduce voltage to keep same flux. This is automaticaly made by inverter in various mode (depend of control method); when reduce voltage by k, torque is reduced by k^2, so torque may became very low at small speed. May try to use 3-phase (...)
Good day everyone! I'm new here and I'm new to PIC programming.. I would like to ask help from you guys. I'm using PIC18F4550, zero crossing detector, optoisolator and triac for my induction motor speed control (single phase). I would like to ask ideas from you guys how will I program it or maybe post some codes (...)
how do i interface a vfd drive(single phase induction motor) using a plc. 1. the application is i have a mixer chamber that is to be driven by single phase induction motor using vfd i need to control the speed of the motor to get (...)
induction motor: "The single coil of a single phase induction motor does not produce a rotating magnetic field, but a pulsating field reaching maximum intensity at 0 degree and 180 electrical." 83164 I understand that splitting the phase using (...)
Microchip has published application notes with circuit suggestions for small motor inverters. single phase induction motors are either shaded-pole motors or split-phase motors with a starting or permanent capacitor. Capacitor motors would (...)
Speed control of single phase induction motor of a fan. induction motors lock onto the frequency of the mains, if the voltage is low, they slow down, take more current and finally stop. Only brush type (universal motors) can be controlled by reducing the voltage into them. (...)
60 Kg is big thing man is as good as a weight of ten-age kid in India....I think you need to have single phase induction motor at least....but As you said you require high starting torque my view you need to explore on universal motor ( AC series motor ) ...Also i am not sure you will get (...)
I have driving 2.2 HP single phase ac induction motor with capacitor like you. AND bta41 failing. snubber and zero crossing is correct.but bta41 in full load suddenly failed. can you help me?
I need to control the speed of a single phase induction motor (motor in a ceiling fan) by supply frequency control using a micro controller. Help me out guys,