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I am developing an Electricity single phase meter which uses ATm90E26 as AFE, there are different registers for gain and offset calibration in the chip, but in Constant configuration formula ( mentioned in m90E26 application note, page 10 ), i think it is wrong ! because it is based on parameters which i have to put in (...)
Hi, I am going to design a single phase meter ( using shunt as current sensor ) which uses switching power supply like this schematic know it has transformer, but i doubt about C5 ! my measurement circuit us
This is a small project of mine: a single phase AC wattmeter. This meter is built with as less as components possible. It is of course a little limited in range, accuracy and stability. It is made for 230V[COLOR=#000000
There are many ways to multiplex inputs, ANalog or in your case digital with a single ADC per phase multiplexing SPI. The optimal, depends on accuracy specs, cost and reliability. Details in specs not shown can alter any outcome. So start with a product design spec for everything.
Does anyone have any experiences with China made kwh meters? Like this one: 109739 it measures active and reactive kwh, but I don't see and buttons so I gues it is a single tariff. I am aslo wondering how accuarate acctualy this meter is.
TI is offering a family of MSP430 processors with multi-channel high reolution ADC for this application, e.g. MSP430F6779. Compared to hardware energy meter chips (e.g. from Analog Devices), they promise cost-effective "single chip" energy meter solutions but also involve complex application firmware. Particularly you're not free to use a (...)
A shunt won't be connected across the phase rather then in series with the load (similar to a CT). So your observations seems to be wrong. A single-phase energy meter would use either a shunt or CT for current measurement, but not both. Also a voltage divider to sense the phase voltage and some kind of (...)
Hi Friend, In single phase energy meter, there are two type of protocol use to communicate with meter 1) DLMS 2) Propriety Protocol from L&T. You need to first confirm that what protocol used in your meter, some meter support DLMS or propriety protocol or some (...)
I suggest you try it out first with a transformer. It will not be as bad as you have imagined. Which IC are you using that accept mV? I AM WORKING ON 'single phase ENERGY meter' ,i have a lot of i.c for that purpose but each of them needs only mV on their analogue input channels,, how can i acheive such a small volta
Hi all, I am making a power meter using ade7758. Is it possible to use this IC to measure a single phase also ? If so do I need to do any modifications to the circuit ? If anyone has done a power meter using any ade77XX or ade7XXX IC (single phase or 3 phase), can you (...)
Hi, I have a 16-bit sigma delta converter with 16 ksps and I want to know if it matches the single/three phase power meter. Does any one know what much should be the resolution if no oversampling is forecasted? How much should be the accuracy on voltage measurement? I have found requirement on current measurement but I didn't find the (...)
Hi, I am trying to design an Digital Energy meter using 8051. What IC would be appropriate for cheap, single phase 230V, 20 A Energy measurement ?
please tell me how to interface single phase energy meter with 16f73 via optocoupler
Hi, I am trying to do an single phase energy monitoring project. The voltage and current I want to measure is 240Vrms and 20A rms respectively. I am planning to use a voltage divider for voltage measurement and ACS 712 -20A for current measurement . Micro controller planning using is pic 18f series. Energy meter Ic planning to use is (...)
I recommend Figure 19. Typical Connection Diagram (single-phase, 2-wire – Isolated from Power Line). Is the most safe one. And what uC and GSM/GPRS modem you are using? Good Luck!
guys, I am in a bug question and cant find th proper ans in google. I have single phase came in to my house. The energy company installed a 3phase 4 wire (whole current meter) meter to read the readings. So I need to know if it is possible to read energy of a single phase (...)
Hi, Have you got any ICs?....I am looking for a single chip which cam measure 4 single phase simultaneously Rgds Santhu
Elster is the world leader in metering solutions with more than 100 years of experience including all the aspects in design and manufacture. This experience has been focused to develop the new single phase E111 meter, a high quality product available in several versions with the exigence of the main standards wordwide. (...)
Hello I am student . i need a software or a project which can received and send data to a single phase meter through optocom port RS232 meter protocol is IEC 62053-21. please help me in this regard. Ali
Use 3 single phase IC, each for own phase, opto isolated pulse outputs, which then should be summed by uC.