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i want the circuit for single phase ac to the three phase ac , the output voltage is 120v
ACS3T- 62: AC Servo motor Rated motor output: 400W Input power: single-phase 200 - 240V or 3-phase 380 - 480V, 50/60Hz Rated current 10A, peak (10sec.)20A control mode: position
Speed control of single phase induction motor of a fan. Induction motors lock onto the frequency of the mains, if the voltage is low, they slow down, take more current and finally stop. Only brush type (universal motors) can be controlled by reducing the voltage into them. (...)
Hi guys, i want to make motor RPM controller for single-phase asynchronous motor.The motor is 750W, running at 220V/50HZ.I think that power part should be with H-MOST with IGBT transistors, but i don't know how to drive gate's.Can you give some circuits? Thank's in advance!
Hiii..... first of all, one need the specification about your stepper motor....i.e. no of pole in your motor .... second micro stepping half step of full step... also you said arm processor ...which one and also you said single your stepper motor is AC or DC..... Good Luck
60 Kg is big thing man is as good as a weight of ten-age kid in India....I think you need to have single phase induction motor at least....but As you said you require high starting torque my view you need to explore on universal motor ( AC series motor ) ...Also i am not sure you will get position (...)
As you are talking about A triac, I presume its a single phase motor. If its a universal motor with brushes then you can control the speed by this method. If its a AC only motor, then its speed is set by its number of poles and the mains frequency. Frank
Aameer, there are many types of AC motor, therefore many answers Exactly what type of AC motor do you have? single phase, three phase, split phase, capacitor start, permanent split capacitor, universal, ...
I need to control the speed of a single phase induction motor (motor in a ceiling fan) by supply frequency control using a micro controller. Help me out guys,
oh... ok, is this can work on single phase ?
Hi, I will be starting a project which is a PID controlled single phase BLDC. I have never done motor control before. I am thinking perhaps modelling the driver though simulink is a good start. However, it has been quite a long time since I used simulink. Does anyone have any advices on how can I start (...)
Ok thanks, but what I just need to understand is what is required at a more system level. I think if I connect up a simple RC filter to my PWMh o/p hopefully this should give a sine wave o/p, but with no power. But if I want to supply power I will need to use IGBT's connected as a H-bridge? The code I have written just o/ps one complementary pa
hi everyone. I am doing project on reactive power compensation using fixed capacitor-thyristor controlled reactor and the load considered is a single phase induction motor (240V,750W,7.2A,1420rpm). The whole system consists of a 230V source , a fixd capacitor, a tcr, and load. I need a proper control (...)
guidance reqd for sourcing/design of 220 v single phase 50 hz supply to be converted into: manually variable frequncy inverter.range 10 hz to 25 hz. voltage control is not reqd.power at 25 hz 1 kw max. losses should be minimum as the inverter may be reqd to run for almost 10 hours in a day intermittantly. swithing on and off will (...)
There is no single pulse to control 5-phase stepper, you need more than that .. see attached diagram .. Could you make your question more clear? Also, see: 5-phase Stepper motor Driver ICs Rgds, IanP :|
pls send me the circuit diagram for single phase induction motor speed control using triac. i have to submit my project with in this month only.
If it is a single phase induction motor like ceiling fan motors, you can use Triac (voltage control) to control its speed. Check these
m looking to control a 1/5HP single phase motor, at rated speed it draws 3.3A so a cheep IBGT array around 50W should be up to the job. I have never seen or worked with a IGBT but they seem to just be high voltage/current transistors with a TTL input. Seems they have around 2-3V voltage drop across them while their on so (...)
Hi, i'm looking for anyone or company service in singapore who can help to design a PWM to control the speed of a single phase induction motor. The person or company must come out with a circuit design, micro-controller design & programming, simulation test using any software, report writing and lastly, (...)
Hi I'm looking for a circuit diagram of a univesal AC single phase motor speed controller that will be able to control the speed of induction motors (if it can control the speed of brushes motor as well, that would be fine but I mainly need it for use with (...)