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What should be AC fuse rating & NTC (-ve temperature coefficient) rating for single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 KW AC drive (Max input current is 10 A)??
Can Someone please give me a circuit design for a single phase VFD, emphasizing that it shoudn't be a 3 phase circuit.
hello everyone, i want to know that is there an h-bridge inverter module exists? i have my final year project which is variable frequency drive (speed control of single phase ac induction motor). i have generated spwm signals using pic mcu through which i can achieve variable frequency. however, i am stuck with the (...)
I was thinking how can i make a soft starter (and not speed controller) for a single phase induction motor, like in refrigerator compressors. does anybody know where should i start?
Dear Friends , I am driving a circuit i nwhich in which i am using delta ac drive to control speed of 3 phase motor.The drive converts the single phase to 3 phase voltages . The problem is the moment ac drive rotates the motor , I see (...)
You do not know how to figure out what the 3 phase motor voltage is and you want to build a single to 3 phase converter from scratch. That's crazy!
Hello sir, I am really confused that how to control the speed (rpm) of my single phase 1 HP Servo motor using PWM by PIC16F877A micro-controller. What hardware and Code should i use to interface my 1 HP servo motor with PIC16F77A for controlling it's speed. Please find attachment for specifications of the (...)
the 1500 watt inverter is a single phase one and cannot drive a 3 phase motor, you need a 3 phase inverter to drive 3 phase motor
how do i interface a vfd drive(single phase induction motor) using a plc. 1. the application is i have a mixer chamber that is to be driven by single phase induction motor using vfd i need to control the speed of the motor to get (...)
Hi guys, i want to make motor RPM controller for single-phase asynchronous motor.The motor is 750W, running at 220V/50HZ.I think that power part should be with H-MOST with IGBT transistors, but i don't know how to drive gate's.Can you give some circuits? Thank's in advance!
I have a 10KW delta power input for motor drive. However , apart from 5kw motor ,I wish to derive 230VAC with neutral for running my other appliances from a single phase supply which reqiuire a neutral. I do not wish to put a heavy/bulky transformer as there is a space limitation. Could my colleagues (...)
can sumone help and guide me how to design single phase dc motor drive using rectifier ( thyristor )...i really2 need help since i am working on my final year project...really appreaciate if sumone can help me on that..
I've seen more divergent design blocks sharing a PCB... Very well or not, it's mainly a practical question of instrument design. I can imagine some reasons for a single power board design. Form factor may be a reason against it, however. A triac phase angle controller would use the motor inductance to reduce harmonic currents. Then there (...)
dear all i have AC motor single phase (two coil) in order to turn left and right an i want to drive it through microcontroller.i need to driver circuit for this motor based on triac. wait your reply regards
guidance reqd for sourcing/design of 220 v single phase 50 hz supply to be converted into: manually variable frequncy inverter.range 10 hz to 25 hz. voltage control is not reqd.power at 25 hz 1 kw max. losses should be minimum as the inverter may be reqd to run for almost 10 hours in a day intermittantly. swithing on and off will be 7
single phase 220 V Variable Frequency drive for Induction motor Please Help
Hi to all! I've a question relating this interesting argument. I would like to use a rectifier bridge (with capacitor) to rectify a AC single phase supply and then use the DC BUS that I've obtained to drive a motor with an inverter. If my suppositions are correct the resulting voltage applied at the (...)