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The circuit makes no sense. Why would you connect L and C in series with the fan motor? A possible capacitor application would be for a "capacitor-run" single phase motor with two windings.
Dear readers Is there any one with experience on developing and AC V/F motor control. I'm looking for a 1KW AC single phase motor control. Any one interested in helping me building it is also welcome. Let me know Regards Oscar Goos
135403 Hi all, Here i have attached the controller circuit schematics(done in LTSpice) for single phase BLDC motor. The basic working is that based on the hall sensor signal, the current output of H bridge inverter should reverse. Across points A & B we'll be connecting the motor. Here the pulse signal represents the h
Hello,I would like to control the speed of an AC single phase motor I constructed the ciruit as you find in attachment.I have the following problem which I would like you to help me solving: >>Whith the snubber of 1nF/250V(shown by multimeter) and 1.5Kohm is not allowing the PIC to control the motor >>When the optocoupler (...)
The load of a compressor is an electric motor. So it all depends on the size of the motor, so 100W 230 single phase to 20kW 415V 3phase for commercial installations. Frank
I am designing a vfd module for capacitor run motor (like the ones typically used in AC compressors). I want to start the motor at 50Hz and then bring it to 45Hz once the ambient temperature cools down. Is it necessary that I design two inverters for this purpose- one to run the main winding and the other to run the auxiliary winding with a 90 de
What should be AC fuse rating & NTC (-ve temperature coefficient) rating for single phase 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 KW AC drive (Max input current is 10 A)??
Hello to all I need a clarification on functionality of single phase preventer. Will single phase preventer work when supply is connected with 3 phase capacitor (KVR) for power factor correction?
Hello everyone. I am controlling a single-phase-AC-motor, of 220VAC & 1HP, by using a relay. Do i need to add BACK-EMF suppressor with motor or with switch? Thank You.
Do avoid the noise you could used some form of higher-frequency PWM control that uses MOSFETs and not SCRs such as this, but I don't know if those are avail
capacitors? Shower pumps use single phase AC motors and they don't have capacitors with them, other than a few nF for HF filtering.
Can Someone please give me a circuit design for a single phase VFD, emphasizing that it shoudn't be a 3 phase circuit.
I have a cabinate controlling a 3 phase motor. I need to fit a single phase 24vdc out smp in the cabinate. Do I connect the input of the smps between two of the phases to get 240Vac or do I connect between neutral and one of the phases to get 120vac? I think this is probably a conventional (...)
Perform single steps, either in half- or full-step mode. Verify the individual A-D and motor phase signals.
How does the phase preventer circuits works? How does it stops the motor rotation when phase reverses.?
If a three phase motor is running and it looses a phase, it will actually generate 90% of the phase voltage back onto its feed (see rotary phase converters). So to build a loss of phase detector for a single or multiple motors is difficult. If there is a (...)
i am doing my FYP on synchronization of two single phase alternators at 100Hz. i have complete one set(speed control module>12 V dc motor>alternator 150W) and put that on a board. this gives a pure sine wave. now i put another DC motor and alternator on board. now to synchronize the second alternator with first (...)
Dear All, I have a servo motor. I am unable to recognize it as I don't have any of it's data. Couldn't find details of this motor on internet too. Kindly help me in following questions. Is it a single phase or three phase motor ? Output Power mentioned on motor is (...)
A permanent split phase capacitor (PSC) motor is NOT the same as a split phase motor. No it isn't. But the motor under discussion with three wires is more likely a PSC motor. Most small single phase operated motors (if they aren't shadow (...)
hello everyone, i want to know that is there an h-bridge inverter module exists? i have my final year project which is variable frequency drive (speed control of single phase ac induction motor). i have generated spwm signals using pic mcu through which i can achieve variable frequency. however, i am stuck with the inverter and now want (...)