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Hi, I am going to design a single phase meter ( using shunt as current sensor ) which uses switching power supply like this schematic know it has transformer, but i doubt about C5 ! my measurement circuit us
A shunt won't be connected across the phase rather then in series with the load (similar to a CT). So your observations seems to be wrong. A single-phase energy meter would use either a shunt or CT for current measurement, but not both. Also a voltage divider to sense the phase voltage and some kind of (...)
If you really want to measure single phase using one set of input ADE7758 so it goes. If you want to use all three (two) sets of inputs for measuring the three appliances in one phase so it is unfortunately not
Hi, I have a 16-bit sigma delta converter with 16 ksps and I want to know if it matches the single/three phase power meter. Does any one know what much should be the resolution if no oversampling is forecasted? How much should be the accuracy on voltage measurement? I have found requirement on current measurement but I (...)
Hi, I am trying to design an Digital Energy meter using 8051. What IC would be appropriate for cheap, single phase 230V, 20 A Energy measurement ?
I recommend Figure 19. Typical Connection Diagram (single-phase, 2-wire – Isolated from power Line). Is the most safe one. And what uC and GSM/GPRS modem you are using? Good Luck!
There is a PT and CT that is connected to a single phase power meter. I use the 110VAC of PT for supply of a switching power supply (with VA that is very smaller than PT VA) module ,Is there any disturbance on power measurement?
If they bill it by line, then yes. At my house we get billed by our single phase power line. It would make sense that if you had 3 phases you would get billed for each phase. If one of the CTs failed it would read 0 current, so they would think you weren't using one of the phases until they (...)
Hello friends; If someone start a project..; here a document
Some microcontroller vendors have one app. note or reference design with this subject... Atmel: AVR465: Energy meter (40 pages, revision A, updated 07/04) This application note describes a single-phase power/energy meter with tamper logic. The design measures active power, volta
Hi, I would like to make a 8051 based single phase Watt-hour meter for AC power. Can anybody help me with scematic and code. Thank you Itp
A Low-Cost single-phase Electricity meter Using