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Could be any number of reasons - you will need to tell us a lot more such as the chip, which programmer/debugger you are using, the config settings and what so you actually mean by "debugger haults (sic) while running.". Can you single step at all? Is there an error message, and if so what is it? When you use the pause button, does ut show part of
device signature 0x00 it's probably a hardware issue, which programmer are you using with khazama? have you tested it before with another microcontroller? does your circuit provides 5V vcc? does your circuit works with internal or external clock? did it work a single time? maybe you changed the fuses wrongly... did you tested with another AVR
Hi, Did anybody use usb avr programmar from Thinnkware? If yes plz tell me can it be used to program single unit of avr on breadboard using ZIF not development board? Because everytime i try todo so..i get error somthing like...stk or board not found (not sure at this time exactly but somthing like that). Sorry for being too much elaborative
Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the following document: "Communication Standard for Programmable Devices (Spec. #30381-000)" This document describes how to transfer a single bit of information between a hearing instrument and a programmer box. Thanks,
You could do it in a single with, with probably just a few jumpers. You need to lay it out yourself... My experience is that for single sided board, a human can do a better layout then an auto-router. In particular: "“Snake” your tracks around the board, don’t just go “point to point”. Point to point tracking may lo
Hi! i want to program multiple ICs--each with it's own code that is unlike the code on the other ICs. I need to be able to flash all five IC's from the single USBasp/SPI six-pin connection, but I don't have a clue how. i just want to connect the usb asp to a computer and program any IC i want.......... all the IC's and the usb asp are fabricated
please can any one told me how to reduce these unconnected lines i have a lot of unconnected lines i need only single PCB - - - Updated - - - another question please , refer to this image ( serial programmer ) for atmel family 89xxx if i need
programmer presented in this article allows: uploading and downloading the content of single-circuit microcontrollers Atmel AT89CX051 uploading and downloading the content of EEPROM I2C AT24C02
CONCLUSION !!! Sunrom 89serie programmer cant program 89C2051-24SI SMD !!! I supose this is because bad pcb design (single side used) long traces on pcb to 20-pin socket + traces on DIP20->SO20 adapter. Response time is greater than programmer allow. NOT TRUE! if the above programmer works on the DIP version, it wi
Problem: Device Detect Timeout programmer is single sided, firmware 4.4, ProLoad 5.4 Programming all DIP (89c2051, 89s51, 89s52) with no problems, but cant program 89c2051 smd!!! Chips is 89C2051-24SI soldered on adapter DIP to SO. Adapter and chip work with other programmer. When I put the same adapter with chip tu sunrom get (...)
Can i program this device "In System" such FPGA PROMs ? In principle, yes. But you have to provide 12V Vpp and raise Vcc to 6.5V. If you intend ISP, you would want to use a single supply flash device. Can you offer me a proper programmer for these devices ? Most general purpose programmers are able to program these
The codevision programmer screen has a read eeprom button but you have to know the address of what you wrote, if it is a single value you can probably find it, if they are more then maybe you should store them in specific predefined eeprom positions. Alex
i came across and found a isp programmer for 2051, 89c52 etc. it required only single IC required. i went thru it. my question regarding this is this device connects directly to the MCU (89c52) and program or it require extra hardware (like stk200) to be attached to it. this might soun
Hi I bought a few MAXII cpld from altera and i needed a programmer so i designed a pcb for byteblasterMV because i couldn't find a ready (pcb), i have made both a dip and smd version (for 74HC244 only, other components are not smd), both single layer. The schematic i have used is from the Altera datasheet, but i have changed the input output pins
I am using On-Chip Flash programmer Utility from Code Composer Studio to program on-chip flash of F2812. but I am unable to erase and program the memory (Error # 22). I would be really grateful if someone can share a sample code for Flash Programming (for eZdsp to work as a standalone unit),even a simple program with a single bit being toggled woul
Well, in single chip, there is no mmu. So you can access every address you want. You now just need to recevie programmer, and write these data to your needed address, just like 0x800. For example, if single chip has 16 bits address, 8 bits data, then: short addr = 0x800; *((char *)addr) = 0xFF; And 0xFF is written to 0x800.
hi, I made a inchworm + unicorn board on a single pcb. The programmer works great but the 18f4550 is sometime corrupted that is the program memory is changed and the laptop stops recognizing it. I hav to then remove the pic and reprogramme it using my old jdm programmer? Why is this happening?
Hi, Nothing new here but just I want to share the work I did. One is the LPT port EPIC programmer's PCB in single Side. Second is the ZIF Adapter for DIP PICs that I think you may not seen this idea before. I think this adopter will work for all DIP PICs 8-Pins to 40-Pins Please check and comment. Hope all be correct Thanks
Hi there, anyone of u has the ISP ZIF socket circuit that can program 40pin, 28 pin, 20pin, 8pin AVRs is a single 40pin ZIF socket connected to the ISP programmer? THanks.
HI, This is the schematic and the PCB in single side for an universal module to program all the PICs in DIP format. This module would be connect via RJ12 connector to ICD2 module. So, you've now an universal and evolutive (with MPLAB) USB programmer. Take a look on the forum to build ICD2 clone !!!! CD:D