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How many bits resolution do you want for the pwm signal? If you need 32 steps in the sinus curve, I suppose you need at least 5bits resolution in the pwm period. With a resulting frequency out of 6500Hz, it will give a base frequency for the pwm input to be 6656000Hz. Relative high for the PIC with a soft (...)
Hi I can give you 2 advices from my experience on using motor: 1) If you can increase the motor pwm frequency to over 20KHz - this will lose the audio able sound 2) Use sinus table to generate pwm signal - this will let your motor live longer The 2 issue above are microcontroller dependent since not every micro is capable (...)
I suggest you to use Direct Digital "Electronics-Lab". Circuit Cellar #131, June 2001. The autor uses DDS with an 8051, and two pwm outputs to generate: sinus, triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms.
It's simple, use comparator (or Opampwithout feedback or with big amplication) and connect sinus signal to plus input pin, and triangle to minus input pin of comparator. On out you will get pwm signal just you need. Mr.Cube
If you want to make sinus pwm, you can use Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology. You can do it using a microcontroller and software, or hardware.
hi, for beginning, you may play with example from Visual Micro Lab by sinewave proj has pwm on AVR with 7bit sinus LUT GoodLuck.

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