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hello all, I am very new to use skill. what is my goal is i want to select all the pins from the current layout window, i got the pin names using the geGetEditCellView command,taking in one varible and variable~>sigNames now i want to select all this pins in the current layout window ,how too do this? Thank you, argha
Hi I have doubt in convertion of integer to string in skill code i.e var = 5 (here var--> value is 5) Here i want to set var-->value is "5" (string) by using the variable var How can i do this
Hi.. If you have cadence you can refer from the Help section or "docs" folder in the cadence installation directory. You can invoke help window using "cdnshelp &" command from terminal. these documents are enough to learn skill For perl try this.. and search more on web thank
If you create a symbol by clicking cellview from cellview, your CDS.log file should show you which skill code is used for running this command. Then you could either edit it to your requirement, or copy it to a new name and call the edited skill file by a load() or loadi() command.
Hi, My aim is reduce the size of poly on both left and right sides separately. Say I want to reduce the left side of poly by 5nm and right side of poly by 3 nm,Is there any way of doing it using skill? I tried using dbLayerSize..But it reduces the poly on both the sides equally..So,Is there any command in (...)
hi type in command window skill load "" enter again type skill_file_name
Try the following skill function. leSetLSWFilter(list("M1" "drawing")) Let me know if it works!.
Hi all, Can anybody share the scrip for generation of psub2layer in layout..?? for Assura... I am using virtuso.. Please also share how to use script to generate psub2 layer automatically in layout. Deepak.
Hi all, i am using the allegro 16.2v. i have define the skill file name in menu items at file and also i have modified the pcbenv file. my problem is when i click the skill file name in allegro menu bar its note running properly. I got the error message in allegro comment window like " E- Command not (...)
Are there any good sources for libraries for OrCad PCB Editor 16.2?? I tried the Allegro Footprint Maker on here and is does not draw anything when I execute it. I get the following error: "Command not found: skill 'load "c:\\FPM\\" ' " Any help would be great.
I have created a list for box creation and trying to access the lower left coordinates but it is showing as "range" as shown below. What is the problem could you explain me. a=list(1:2 3:4) b=car(a) ;gives (1:2) x=xCoord(b) ; showing as "range" y=yCoord(b) ; giving 1 Thanking you, santhosh
You can try to write Python to skill converter and run it into Cadence environment.
search in skill Language User Guide.. There you will get the correct command or file a service request in sourcelink site.. or you can post comp.cad.cadence in google group.. there u will get some reply..
start with log filter in icfb window. select to log all and this way you will see what skill command is used for each task. for ocean scripts in ADE save script and edit it. Also go to if you can and search.
pls tell us how skill can be done in Allegro?
Did you downloaded skill scripts from Sourcelink? You need Cadence support id to log in. There are few ways you can load skill files into Allegro. Such as (load("")) or read inside skill utulity you are going to use and instruction is given there. Or edit .ilinit file to add command to (...)
Knowing skill will definitely make your job easier. But u can still continue using all available functionalities in cadence for ur design For mixed signal, automation is needed.
1. Make a netlist as you usual do. 2. Open CDS.log file. 3. There should be the sequence of skill commands. 4. Open Bindkey editor and give this sequence to single key. 5. Save session. You can also put this sequence into .cdsinit file, for example: hiSetBindKey("Schematic" "Shift)F12" skill (...)
Yes, skill is script language of cadence, if you use IC, i think you had better learn it, what it can do is more than the menu command
just to be clear , when u are executing a skill (ocean) file , if there is an exit command , the file u r excuting will stop working , that is for sure