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At NCCS, we give SOLIDWORKS TRAINING as a major aspect of our after-deals support and Free HOTD to give you a firsthand skill on the Solidworks Training. for more information, Click the link as given below
Add them into the library. As an entry level user then this is the time that you need to learn how the libraries work and how to make symbols, footprints and parts. There is very little getting around this essential skill.
At NCCS, we give SOLIDWORKS TRAINING as a major aspect of our after-deals support and Free HOTD to give you a firsthand skill on the Solidworks Training.
the solution can be found here (GitHub)
I would like to create a PCELL for layout and symbol. My question is how to add the terminal/pad name to the layout using skill (e.g. drain/gate/source/bulk) so that I can pass LVS?
Read the manual and learn how to do it yourself, this is the first basic skill you need to learn using CAD software...
Hi, I have been using Virtuoso for layout for some time and am trying to write a few skill scripts to help with layout. I am getting familiar with LISP like syntax for skill, but can not find any information on the specific Cadence/Virtuoso based functions. For instance, I know there is a function called hiPan(), but can not find any (...)
Is the part replaceable? Absolutely. Can YOU replace it? Maybe. Soldering, like anything else is a skill. How skilled do you need to be to replace that part? Do you even know what the part is? and, just to make you feel worse, there's probably more than that one part that's bad. If a transistor failed and drew too (...)
You have to know data sets in psf directory correctly. and you have to specify data set name. Don't rely on Caluculator functions in ADE. These are no more than high level function in OCEAN(=skill). You can never utilize full ability of post processing, if you rely on only Calculator functions. "getData()" is more primitive function tha
Hi all, I ran some process and invoked one form. Now I want to close the form after tat process exited. I am trying with IsActiveProcess(pid). But its not working. When I tried directly in CIW its working. But through skill its not working. Please give me a solution. Thanks & regards, Praveen
Hi all I am a newer in skill language. I have a new problem. I have been written a code to create a pcell resistor by skill language. The properties of the pcell resistor in schematic and layout are the same. But when I run the LVS check, the mismatch is happened. A reason is that I have changed a function ( the function to calculate (...)
Hi there, I'm trying to run Calibre within Cadence environment using skill functions. So far I have two ways to do it. Both of which work and I got the final goal. However, running Calibre with the following code: Method 1) CommandLine="calibre -drc -hier _myDrcSetup_" ipcP=ipcBeginProcess(CommandLine) ipcWait(ipcP) (...)
To my weak knowledge in this field, the verification skill has become increasingly requested for the ASIC jobs, perhaps due to the increasing complexity of the circuits, and SystemVerilog came to meet this demand.
I once had our CAD dude write one, I believe keyed off a pin polygon placed at the center during layout. I don't have any skill skills myself, and the workstation ended up going back to the company when I left.... If pads are always rectangular it's a matter of picking the corner coordinates and averaging, per pad. (...)
Building component footprints is a basic skill for a PCB designer ( unless you are in a big company, with it's own librarians). So, search the internet for the datasheet, download the free version of 'Library Expert' at and start building.
Hello, Q1. I am new to the skill language. Can someone explain how can I extract and save the Constraints data (Placement and Routing constraints) from a Schematic XL to a constraint file using skill language? Q2.*******skill CODE************ ddsOpenLibManager() ddsServOpen("myLib" "diffamp" (...)
hello all, I am very new to use skill. what is my goal is i want to select all the pins from the current layout window, i got the pin names using the geGetEditCellView command,taking in one varible and variable~>sigNames now i want to select all this pins in the current layout window ,how too do this? Thank you, argha
Do you need the relative positions of pins, is that all? You can do that in skill and write the output in a file to be read using whatever tool you are using. Similarly you can use skill to get information about positions of metals if that's what you wish. and last you can use skill to read from a file (...)
Read the help files, manual this is a basic skill that you should have before you even design boards.
That is a rather specific company and environment specific skill, not a general STA requirement. Which company are you thinking of?
many choices for make or buy depending on your skill. join ( free ) then use their selector on home page with input and output power specs. There are other sites, too. Linear, Maxim, ROhm, Toshiba etc or choose from a "disti" like Digikey, Mouser.
a = '(11 9 11 8 7 9 12 1 0 -5 11 6 7) I want to sort above list, a and then generate new list, b. b = '(-5 0 1 6 7 7 8 9 9 11 11 11 12) and I want to remove duplicate elements and then generate new list, c c = '(-5 0 1 6 7 8 9 11 12) How can I do these tasks elegantly in Cadence skill Language ? "sort(a, (...)
Hi, I want to detect a License fetching event in Cadence skill so that if the program is not able to fetch the license, I could detect it and will stop the further execution of the program. My script is trying to fetch Layout Editor license but fails. Virtuoso throws such events as warnings in CIW : (eg below) *WARN
Do it manually, then check the logFile, it contains the corresponding skill code.
A powerful CT can create enough info to fill a datasheet and are very expensive as you say. Perhaps more than $35k. A simple analog XY CT requires a bit of familiarity and skill to compute the parameters can be made for < $100 if you have some tech skills. A DSO can be highly functional for about $500. A power supply is (...)
Then add one yourself, this is THE basic skill of using CAD, creating your own symbols, footprints and part references....
Cādence Virtuoso software includes a lot of info, examples, and help on skill, like, e.g. sklangref.pdf and sklayoutref.pdf. Moreover, the Cādence web scene provides lectures and lab manuals on skill Language Programming.
3) How to self learn on skill scripting as its very useful for standard cell layouts(Good material) Start with any tutorial on Perl or Python. Better buy a book and solve the exercises given there. Remember that it is an inherent nature of scripting language that if you are out of touch with it for a certain
Hi All, Can any one help me out how to download Allegro skill files. Thanks in advance. Harsha Can you please explain your request? Where are the files you want to download located and what is the problem downloading them?
116573Ratchet control with stop force latch gives consistent crimps. Cheaper hand tools require stronger hands and more skill for consistent force and reliable pull test results. Is this for small qty or volume production? Are you aware of pull-test specs?
I will be doing the MIPS processor described in hennessy and patterson, the datapath, the control unit and the external memory, I think this is feasible, please let me know if this sounds too out of my league. You are the best person to make this judgement, since none of us here knows about your skill sets and e
Hi all, I have installed Cadence and Calibre on new computer. I have an error, this is the CDS.log: // Calibre skill Interface * (v2012.2_17.11) * // // Copyright Mentor Graphics Corporation 2005 // All Rights Reserved. // THIS WORK CONTAINS TRADE SECRET and PROPRIETARY INFORMAT
If you can't get someone to give you this component, then I guess you'll have to read the documentation about creating a component in Orcad. It is a useful skill, and not that hard. --'Give a man an OrCad component, and he'll be able to design one circuit. Teach him how to create a component, and he'll design (...)
There are quite a few, like eagle,kid cad,spark design (by rs components it's based on eagle and also free), Altium but it all depends on how good your skill level is and willing to learn which one you choose there is plenty of tut's out there
I did but think it may be wrong first time using PCB software On the contrary, this is a fairly simple circuit that would greatly benefit from a PCB construction due to its many different components, and it's a great opportunity for you to learn PCB design -- an essential skill for electronicians!
Hello all, I have a strange problem running DRC check using calibre. When I start Virtuoso, license "111" is succesfully checked out and everything works fine (Schematic, Layout, MMSIM). I implemented the Calibre skill interface in the .cdsinit and the drop down menu in layout editor appears. When I start calibre from within the layout (...)
There is no such command in skill, as I know. Such kind conversion can be easily done by formatted output function sprintf(), as I already mentioned, for example, if ivar – integer and svar – string, you can write sprintf( svar “%d” ivar )
hi every one i m trying to make a "Master-Mind" game with different skill levels there are 5 levels, and one "stopwatch" to count the time; that player consume when player select any one skill mode to start a game, the stopwatch start to count the time the player must solve the game with in <= 10 try's. (no time limit) the (...)
Hi.. If you have cadence you can refer from the Help section or "docs" folder in the cadence installation directory. You can invoke help window using "cdnshelp &" command from terminal. these documents are enough to learn skill For perl try this.. and search more on web thank
If you're asking which language skill might resemble, that would be LISP, a semi-ancient LISt Processing language (because CAD databases are indeed just "lists" of "stuff" - objects, connections, attributes, hierarchies, etc.). Ocean is sort of a patch / bridge between the skill language that underpins all Cadence functionality, and (...)
Telemetry and modem radios serve many markets depending on cost, range, speed, protocol, user skill, only limited by your requirements. e.g. First define all requirements
Hey ppl, I have started learning skill by my self and I have three questions regarding my project. I converted symbol in to schematic (Layout XL: connectivity->Generate->copy all from source). The layout has instance of pcell which is nfet without nwell. I wanted to place nwell somwhere near this instance, create pin for the nwell and (...)
If you can assume identical foundry, implementation of rules decks (and following of, in layout) and artisan skill, then you can predict equality of outcome. But there are a lot of fingers in various pies, between foundry, tools vendor, CAD librarian and layout that could add discrepancies. Now, if you let the tools (...)
Hi Experts, I am a VLSI DFT (Design for Test) Engineer with 4+ years of Experience. I recently cleared my skill assessment for Australia and planning to apply for PR visa. I want to know about the VLSI opportunities in Australia. From old posts on this website (around 2005), i can find that there were not many opportunities in Australia.
My goal is to use a 12v 5 inch exhaust fan from a computer to move air in a tiny greenhouse powered by the sun and a motorcycle battery as storage. My concern is that the motorcycle battery will be damaged if I do not wire this all correctly. My electronic skill is limited by I do know how to use a soldering iron and mulitmeter (...)
Good Project can be done using phase frequency control but as Electro nS said is not easy, It requires good power knowledge as well as good micro-controller programming skill, programming in c language may create problem in this project ASM choice is Good.
we are belongs to india. can any body here to give some advice how to start business in endia. but i dont want to develop own product. our skill set: IIC, SPI, CAN, 1ware, Ps2, CAN, Flexray, RS232, RS485, MUDBUS, Microcontroller. we are having Knowledge on Both H/W and S/W developmet and manufacturing.. Pls Guide me thank you
Dear everyone, I would like to ask a question about calibre PEX. At first I set up one account (acc1) to run PEX, and I think it's ok. After that I set up another account (acc2). I didn't copy files form acc1 to acc2, but everything which I did is similar. However, I cannot run PEX in acc2. As you know, after run PEX, calibre will generate a
This is where the debugging skill plays a role in designing complex systems. If you have access to chipscope I would start by looking at the FSL bus interface between the MicroBlaze and the custom processor. See if the protocol matches exactly what you are stimulating the UUT in the simulation with. Most of the time if a good job was done in sim
I am a product verification engineer in EDA company for over 6 years in China , I want to find a job in American, Australian or Eourope . Any choice ? Please contact with me , if any opportunity. ================================== Technical, skill 1. Be familiar with IC back-end design flow and familiar with DRC check, Lef/Def, metalfill