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Hi varun, yes,, we can dump into files using skill code.. there are some skill tool commands which is used to get information from schematic . Then store that information into a file. If you want store that code into a procedure.. use file concept.
Hi, How to create menu in allegro using skill. EX:in setup we have some that setup menu bar i want add "More grid" in that we need to create 1 mil grid,5mil grid and 10 mil grid tabs like that please help me
Diff B/w ICFB and virtuoso for doing skill scripting ? plz healp me.
you mean in your skill code? then how do you develop a code to streamout? yes system() is a skill function to send commands to the shell. The commands to use will be usually listed in your pipo.loc when you run streamout interactively. Let me know if you get stuck
Hint: Look at skill commands atoi() & atof() Use these with sprintf() & you can convert no.s to strings & vice-versa with relative ease. ;) Best regards, I-FAB
I would like to know widely used skill commands for creating new cellview . I am presently using pcDefinePCell Kapil
Hi, ocean commands are a special set of skill commands used to control simulations inside the cadence dfII. you can start simulations or access and plot simulation results ... Regards hqqh
What is the error you are getting in the CIW . If your pcell is a skill based one & if it calls some user defined functions , you need to define the fuction every time you quit & reopen virtuoso; Better load those definitions in either (which will be automatically loaded when u touch a library) or in .cdsinit.
Hi I wanted to know after learning basic commands , how can we proceed ahead to learn skill? which assignments can we take ? Wht can we implement with skill? Plz suggest.. thnx
1. Make a netlist as you usual do. 2. Open CDS.log file. 3. There should be the sequence of skill commands. 4. Open Bindkey editor and give this sequence to single key. 5. Save session. You can also put this sequence into .cdsinit file, for example: hiSetBindKey("Schematic" "Shift)F12" skill COMMAND SEQUENCE)
Hi prasguy, I am not aware of Perl script to run in Allegro. Allegro has a powerful "skill" script capability. With skill users can run many useful commands in Allegro. There are tutorials on line and there is a Yahoo skill school user group also. In addition you can download some script from sourcelink. Regards, M
Most PDKs have two site customization files namely: cds.lib and .cdsinit the first loads PDK components in your library-path and therefore appear in library manager to use. The other file includes a set of skill commands to be loaded to customize the tools in certain way or to add some functionalities related to the kit, such as adding pull-down m
Does anyone have skill training manuel ?? Thanks
Hi, I want to generate netlist using cadence icfb using analog artist. but i dont want to use GUI to generate the netlist instead i want to use some builtin skill functions to generate the netlist. I am successful in generating spectre netlist using skill commands but i am not able to generate for hspice. Can anybody give me relate (...)