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Launch skill finder. Or read Ocean document. Sorry xvar() is wrong. xval() is correct. Again vin is not available directly. For example use xval(getData("/out" ?result "dc")) See
Hi, How to create a new cell view using skill. skill have the command for new library .. but how can i open a new cellview in the same library and cell. tell me some suggestions, Thanks
Hi I have doubt in convertion of integer to string in skill code i.e var = 5 (here var--> value is 5) Here i want to set var-->value is "5" (string) by using the variable var How can i do this
Hello, I have created an NMOS and a PMOS using skill script file. The problem is they are in different files and have default coordinates where they are placed to. I am trying to find a way to place them top to top e.g. like this: 103946 and connect their pins to create an inverter for example. So far I have
Many careers will specialize and not need all of these. For example, I make zero use of any of the 5-6 programming lanuguages I was taught; I use HDL every few years, have never touched a microcontroller or had to do my own PCB layouts. And while MATLAB might have been useful once or twice, I found it easier to schmooze an expert and take the res
Hi all. I designed PCell using skill (for example "Seal ring" with three parameters: "Description", "X Die Dimension", "Y Die Dimension"). As you can see at picture, number of digits in dimension-parameters depend on parameter value. ("X Die Dimension", "Y Die Dimension": Parameter's type - "string", Parse as Number - "yes", Units - "lengthM
Here is a great tutorial for Cadence Allegro skill - It has enough material to get you started. You will then have to refer to the Cadence Manuals for individual axl functions to get your work done
I am trying to generate 10 layouts with names for example test1, test2, .... using skill language. I wan to Know how can I define the cell names in the following program: for(i 1 10 cv=dbOpenCellViewByType("work" "test" "layout" "maskLayout" "w") dbSave(cv) dbClose(cv) )
I'm looking for a solution to evaluate mathematical arithmetic expressions in skill. Due to the mix of infix and postfix notations in skill, evalstring doesn't always work. For example, "(3)*(4)" is a valid arithmetical expression, but evalstring can't evaluate it. Same for "2*(cos(17))". Or consider these examples: (...)
hi i need a skill code which returns directly to the top level when i am into other hierarchies. for example when i am in the fifth hier. its like entering schHiReturn() 4 times.
hi in my skill code i want to read inputs of cadence. i want to read it in a if function. for example i wanna count how many times the ctrl+e button is pressed when designing.
i need a skill script for schematic for jumping in hierarchies. let me explain. if i have hierarchical cells like this 58397 when i am in c1 i wanna press a button to save c1 cell in memory.then when i am in b2 i wanna jump directly to the saved cell (in this case c1) by pressing another button. do you have any i
Hi guys, I need some help in modifying the parameters of OA vias using skill script. I know that the non-default parameters of OA vias are accessible thru via~>viaHeader~>overrideParams For example, using the above expression I get this value: (("cutRows" 2) ("cutColumns" 1) ("cutSpacing" (0.14 0.14)) ("layer1Enc" (0.04 0.04)) ("layer2
dear all does somebody have a hand on or lab for pcell developpement i am newbie to skill if somebody can provide a quick getting started hand on with examples that would be nice many thanks in advance
Hai, I am trying to instantiate a pcell from another master pcell.The master pcell is working fine.I am trying to instantiation using command dbCreateParamInst(using skill),but i get only an empty cellview. How can i eliminate it,can anyone explain with some example. Thanks, skilluser
You can't. That's the reason why scripting is still an important skill for analog simulations :razz: If you are lazy, you can just do a cat rp.aex | grep W(RP)
Try the following skill function. leSetLSWFilter(list("M1" "drawing")) Let me know if it works!.
Yeah, They do have skill code Library. There you can find almost all the codes that are used in the industry these days. Now the sourcelink has been moved to
any one are learning allegro skill code? and here is a good site for your reference of learning:many example for learning and is a chinese wiki site for open source's wiki of skill. but is can also has the english UI.maybe can help you. enjoy it!
Hi, Iam a newbie,trying to learn skill programming(cadence). Kindly help me in understanding. Can anyone tell me how to execute skill program? with an simple example plz. Also suggest me some tutorials. Thanks in advance