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a = '(11 9 11 8 7 9 12 1 0 -5 11 6 7) I want to sort above list, a and then generate new list, b. b = '(-5 0 1 6 7 7 8 9 9 11 11 11 12) And I want to remove duplicate elements and then generate new list, c c = '(-5 0 1 6 7 8 9 11 12) How can I do these tasks elegantly in Cadence skill Language ? "sort(a, (...)
... how can i open a new cellview in the same library. Here are some relevant pages from the Cadence? skill Language Programming Lab Manual, Version 5.0: 111812
Hello For cadence virtuoso i want to know which scripting language is better to be used I know that there are scripting languages like Perl , TCL , TK but in Cadence virtuoso user guide they introduced another one "skill" and it uses Ocean platform (or something like that ) so which scripting language that used with Cadence and which one is the m
Hi, In Virtuoso, the skill function geGetSelectedSet() - lists all current selection in a list If there is only 1 selection, car(geGetSelectedSet())~>cellName will give you the cell name. For the instance name, use name instead of cellName. This is the same for schematic or layout :-). Best regards, I-FAB
Hi, Other than cut & paste, I can only think of a skill solution. Get the pin co-ordinates, then re-create the label such as: label = dbCreateLabel(cv list("annotate" "drawing8") car(Spin~>bBox) strcat("cdsTerm(\"" Spin~>net~>name "\")") "centerRight" "R0" "stick" labelht) Variable 'Spin' refers to a pin object db, this code
Hi friends, Please answer the above question.
About improving: 1. Put your picture, if possible when you're in good mood 2. Birth day - people interest how old you are 3. Family status 4. When you mention a long list of Orcad, AutoCad... Visual Studio.. etc. you need to mention your skill level. It's enough to have supreme level in one of them (and you should be able to prove it) to find
hi can u help in writing skill code to display the layout view of a particular library and store it in a list. regards mjamalu
I think you've got the wrong section... Anyway, put your command in a procedure, e.g.: procedure( UserSchMenu() hiCreatePulldownMenu(         'myMenu           "myMenu"           list( myItem )       ) ;hiCreatePulldownMenu       hiInsertBannerMenu(hiGetCurrentWindow() 'myMenu 99) ) ;proc Then, put a trigger
Try the following skill function. leSetLSWFilter(list("M1" "drawing")) Let me know if it works!.
So you want to select all layout objects which have some specific net property. The corrospondence list of the LVS contain this info but I am not shure that the layout database allows a selective copy or stream by net property. I think this info is only avaible for the extracted view. I think it requires minimum some skill coding! Do you work
Hi all, Can anybody share the scrip for generation of psub2layer in layout..?? for Assura... I am using virtuso.. Please also share how to use script to generate psub2 layer automatically in layout. Deepak.
Hi, If you are looking for contractor in Hardware design, FPGA and Embedded C.. Please mail you requriment/publish on following website... They have good network of skill people.. www.logicdevv_dot_co_dot_uk Even if you are contractor based in Europe, you can mail your CV to be part of the engineers network.. Cheers, Tom
you can use the skill to get the coordinates of the shape & based on that you can calculate the area. Find a sample code below to calculate the prBounday area. cv=dbOpenCellViewByType(lib_name cell_name "layout" nil "r") xcoord=xCoord(cadar(setof(x cv~>shapes x~>lpp == list("prBoundary" "drawing"))~>bBox)) ycoord=yCoord(cadar(setof(x cv
Hello all, im trying to use skill or ocean script to make a parametric analysis that takes user a defined inclusion list, but mine runs much slower than the one in the Analog Design Environment. Because mine runs a DC simulation for each parameter. But the one in ADE runs only a single DC sim and uses the parameters with that single simulation res
Hi Guys, Need your help. I want to draw the Bus (metal paths) in Virtuoso Layout editor. It takes more time for creation of a path and copy paste adjusting etc... etc... Hence I am trying to write a code for creation of bus, for that i need to understand how the leHiCreatePath() function works. Anyone who knows how the leHICreatePath internal
I have created a list for box creation and trying to access the lower left coordinates but it is showing as "range" as shown below. What is the problem could you explain me. a=list(1:2 3:4) b=car(a) ;gives (1:2) x=xCoord(b) ; showing as "range" y=yCoord(b) ; giving 1 Thanking you, santhosh
Any general skill to recommend?
Hello all, I want to find out how we can know the database id of nets , instances etc. I can get the dbid of a cellview by using the command deGetCellView() command. Cheers, Sridhar
procedure( changeVia() temp_diva=dbOpenCellView("mylib" "temp_diva" "layout" "" "a") srcFig = dbGetOverlaps(temp_diva temp_diva->bBox "W1") dbMoveFig(srcFig, nil, list(0:0.025 "R180")) ) when I exec this, produce a error, as follows: *Error* dbMoveFig: argument #1 should be a database object (type template = "dg1") - (db:195436968 db:195273