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May be you can find samples in the links mentioned here.
I need a way to test all clbs in a virtex 4 and virtex 5 fpga. But I can't seem to find any sample designs that show how to do this. Most research papers focus on BIST techniques, which is beyond my skill level without any sample designs to look at. Can anyone point me to some sample designs (no ambiguous tutorials (...)
you can use the skill to get the coordinates of the shape & based on that you can calculate the area. Find a sample code below to calculate the prBounday area. cv=dbOpenCellViewByType(lib_name cell_name "layout" nil "r") xcoord=xCoord(cadar(setof(x cv~>shapes x~>lpp == list("prBoundary" "drawing"))~>bBox)) ycoord=yCoord(cadar(setof(x cv
start with log filter in icfb window. select to log all and this way you will see what skill command is used for each task. for ocean scripts in ADE save script and edit it. Also go to if you can and search.
Hi onlymusic16, I am also a beginer in skill, but I can recomand you reading sklanguser.pdf. I think you can find this file if you make a search on edaboard
Hi I suggest you request cadence Support. They have sample skill script files. Using that you can mdify according to your request.
Refer to skill Reference Manual, Language Fundamentals chapter 4 You can also find an example in the cadence site .cdsinit sample file.
How to highlight a net hierarchically in Spice vision? It only highlights on 1 level. How to avoid multi-sheet 'shematization'? How to force mos size (to be compatible with the Cadence 'analogLib' or 'sample' libraries when exporting skill ?