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In case of air filled waveguide or SIW with Er<2.5 performance of SIW slot array is good, and it is easy to predict by using simple calculations. But when Er=4, slot array is performing poor. Single radiating slot in SIW cavity still could be optimized and perform great. Although, when slots are combined in (...)
Hi I want to design siw slot antenna in 10GHz but I can't put slots in broad wall of the waveguide because the surface current is different with air field waveguide as show in the picture the with of the structure is a=18.6mm b= 1.57mm Er= 2.33 and amplitude distribution is schebyschef and offset of the (...)
Hello i have designed, simulated a high gain microstrip antenna, it is basically a stacked form antenna which has some slots with airgap. i got very good gain but i do not know the basic reason of high gain after cutting the slot into the patch and introducing the air gap. how did (...)
Hello to all the members of this great forum. I have one question and i would like your knowledge about it. I have designed a 6 slots antenna in 60 GHz using SIW technology, i have placed the radiation air box 1.5*λ away from slots, is this enough for reliable far-field results ,by assigning radiation as infinite (...)
Hi ! I?m trying to simulate a folded slot antenna in HFSS. However, I found that the Z parameters response, strongly depend on the size of the substrate in the X and Y direction. Of course I kept the thickness of the substrate constant and the air box radiation is lambda/4 high. Please, could anybody suggest me how can I determine the (...)
air craft uses slot antenna because it is easy to fabricate. Patch arrays might be used in air craft for surveillance & the frequency of operation is very hight about 80GHz or something like that. Because you get sharp beam Abhishekabs
There is a book on this topic written ten years ago. They suggest: thick air dielectric below the p-atch one p-atch spaced in front of the bottom p-atch, each with slightly different dimensions slot feed from below the ground plane enlarged areas on the end of the slot They could get 10-20% bandwidth with these methods. (...)
Hi neocw, To improve bandwidth of the antenna you can put an air layer of some thickness between substrate and ground plane. Also like it was said, you can cut the slot in the patch. I think, the most popular shapes of the slot are U shaped slot and L shaped slot. I have seen also two (...)