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Diode in reverse only works when diode is across motor to supply , V+ for both low side switches. otherwise diode across motor to gnd. for high side switch. Then driver is protected for Vmax and diode current rating must match driver for continuous current. small cap across motor may (...)
Don't see any option but a motorized pot if you have no power available. What pot resolution do you need? Could you tolerate a small, long-life backup battery to power the pot?
always fun to make, and even more fun to display. The simplist version can be made with just a DC motor (preferably a small low rpm geared motor), an SPST switch, and the visible toggle switch which is a DPDT. Oh yeah - and the battery.
what about a limit switch? when valve open a limit switch is engaged and power gets cut off via small contactor? $0.02 Mr.Cool
If you open a fridge compressor (AC motor) you'll find a small coil with thick copper wire and metal rod inside (usually placed into small plastic box near the motor connector). When you switch on the fridge the starting current of the motor pulls the rod and it pushes the contacts which (...)
Hallo! I have this small 12 Volt/DC motor I'd like to use as a generator. I've managed to generate 6 - 7 volts/dc max when I tested it, I wanted to plug that dc output from the 12 volt dc motor to another DC/motor or a rechargeable battery. What happens is the motor does not power anything I don't know (...)
Hello. I started making one of those useless machines (leave me alone box?) but my box is pretty tiny. The inside usable area is 3" long x 2" wide x 2" tall, so i need a motor that will fit in that space along with a couple batteries, a small switch, and the arm. I've found several that would work as far as size goes, but am unsure on the (...)
If its a small motor, then use transistor like a switch to control the motor or you can use a H-bridge circuit, these can be controlled by 89c2051 MCU with simple instructions. For communication with PC, use serial port with hyperterminal.
When u switched ON the LED it puts load on the motor so the motor requires extra power to run, use low current LED of small size, another thing measure the voltage produced by the motor with & without LED there might be possiblity that ur motor is producing more voltage then the required (...)
I have posted this on another forum. I was hoping someone here may have the answer. I am trying to design a 12V DC car for a small project. Is it possible to use the control board from an inexpensive R/C car. I have design a series of relays that will switch each other on and off which will get me up to 12V but it doesn't have a current control.
I have managed to sort the PWM for a small motor control, code attached. 1 How can I now control the voltage using RS232? I have a TTL convertor ready to go. I guess what I need is the changes to the code and hopefully some sort of VB app to control the motor. 2 In addition, how easy is it to add a switch which (...)
Hi guys!!! I have a small board of stepper motor controller which uses A3977(allegro) as driver chip. Running parameter: 1/8 microstep, set for 0.8A current. And motor is rated for 0.86 A of current. My problem is during stand still motor gets appreciateably hot. What should be done to reduce the motor (...)
hi, I am doing a project in which it is intended to design a backup power unit suitable for maintaining power for a small motor. If line power is loss it switches to battery powered inverter within less than 0.1 sec. The inverter output must be fully synchrionised to the line, so that there is limited inrush current when the (...)
its a small schematics
how can i connect BUZZEER 220V with alarm clock that turn on battery AA 1.5v please when the alarm clock ringing(small motor switch on) must the BUZZER 220V switch on it's for wake up to university :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::idea::idea:
how can i connect BUZZEER 220V with alarm clock that turn on battery AA 1.5v please when the alarm clock ringing(small motor switch on) must the BUZZER 220V switch on :idea: Use suitable relay instead of motor to switch buzzer on when alarm time is reached.
I am building a multiphase induction motor with a very small rotor <0.5 mm diameter. I need to switch the phases at 100000Hz. The motor size is 2" in diameter. I need high mu ferrite material that is machineable. I need a solid disk 2.5" in diameter. I will machine the disk into wedges for my motor. Any (...)
I do not think heat will be a problem, IGBT's can be more efficient than triacs. I work with high voltage motor drives (450volts, 15 Amps) and IGBT's are the device of choice. There are some very good powerful devices available at reasonable cost with high switching speeds. Used as a switch, dissipation is low. Check IR for (...)
Hello mlara, There is another option with out getting any AC signal from the motor coil but using of a small magnet, reed switch and FVC (frequency to voltage counter) and of course the processing circuits to convert the frequency to RPM . Actually, I had a project three years ago that did measure motor RPM. Are you (...)