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The s-parameters being a small signal analysis can be easily calculated using any spice by means of AC analysis. The question is - the mos model you are using for LNA simulation is valid for RF range ? You can refer the application note to know how to calculate s-parameter using pspice -
... using cadence, ADE XL environment, STM Cmos065 technology kit. Not able to get small signal parameters ( gm, gds, VDsat, - - - - - - - - - - ) in DC sweep. Oh, misunderstanding, sorry! These values you should be able to get with the help of the Results Browser: 91411[/AT
A majority carrier diode (mos, Schottky) should have no recovery "porch", just the depletion capacitances to discharge. A bipolar diode (PN or BJT junction) will in reality; model quality is always a question and small signal transistors may simply assume no saturation and have no proper modeling depending (...)
Hi iainPOT, Assuming that the 2 inputs are applied at the mos differential pair(M1 and M2), you can draw the small signal model of the diff pair with the tail current and calculate the differential mode gain(Adm) i.e. vout/(vin1-vin2) where vin1 is applied to where vin is shown in the diagram and vin2 is applied (...)
Hi All, I am looking for a methodology or a way to do effective pole/zero and root locus analysis for analog blocks(both open & closed loop) effectively (no 1st order or 2nd order mos equations). The only way i am aware is to do operating point analysis in SPICE, extract the approx. values for all my elements in small signal (...)
Analog Cmos design by Razavi has given the method of diong it.Draw the small signal model of mos ,apply test voltage at drain shorting your input and look for the value of current flowing intio drain.You will find it as ro(resistance due to channel length modulation )and for looking into source it will be (...)
I think that if the signal which is added on the DC signal won't change your transistors' working situation, that is small signal.
do u mean small signal model,if yes u can find it in razavi's book chap2 page 34 fig.2.36
Could you give me links explaining Second order effects in mos small signal model .. thanks in advance...
For the mos small signal model, there is Cgs between the gate and the source, is there any current flowing through this capacitor at small signal? in other words, is there any current flowing through the gate at small signal? Maybe it is a very stupid (...)