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Hi everyone, I'm doing a footprint of a USB connector like this: 132816 As you can see there is a Land NO.3 which is supposed to be conected to gnd I guess. To do this, I use Snap points and use a solid region (Place->Solid region) My problem is I can't assign a designator like a pin. So I tried to put a smd PAD over the
I am have created a footprint for an Altera CPLD in Eagle PCB. It has EQFP64 pin package with 0.4mm pitch with nominal pin width being 0.18mm. Details are found here I know that the smd pad must be bigger than the package pin. This way it shall be a
All, Designing a board for an LED project I'm doing. The driver is LGA, and combines pins for one signal. For the pins that are square or rectangular it's okay, Because I can just spot a smd pad with the proper Dimensions and it works well. But when the pins are not and require a different shape, I Can't figure it out, ha ha. Att
Hi ArticCynda, 3 big holes : 2 purposes i.) Act as guiding when pass through smd machine and during pcb level testing. ii.) Fix to cabinet during casing 6 vias surround big hole : To avoid copper plate torn off from substrate Roger
Hi, I am trying to create JST connector footprint of 6 pin smd , but i need to include 2 soldering pad on either side of the package. i try to place a pad for it, but while net listing error show up as extra 2 pad in the footprint. kindly tell me how to go with the soldering pad which has no electric connection , which is only used (...)
Its a surface mount device, use the recommended footprint is best, the size is going to be so small you would hardly notice. use some other method such as silk, or do what many do and rely on data and pick and place info being correct. I have never seen anyone do a different pad for an smd devices pin 1 (PTH, some use a square pad) but for small SM
hii all, Anyone have footprint (thru hole/smd) of S/PDIF type connector???
Many smd libraries and manufacturer footprint suggestions also define an occupied area or "courtyard" to account for placement tolerances. It usually requires a larger component spacing than minimum solder mask.
Hello, I have looked for a solution to this problem everywhere, but I could not find any solution. I am trying to create a custom footprint with some custom pads. These pads are nothing special: they are a joining of 2 elementary pads. One pad is only on the top layer, the second is a multilayer pad, so it has a hole. The idea is to have a smd
Hi aslam Here i attached sample footprint for you (check page no 256 in your datasheet). 1) open your PAD designer (cadence-->PCB utilities-->pad designer-->select Layer mode-->select shape as rectangle in downside )after that select TOP,solder mask,paste mask for smd Package,enter the width and height of the package as mention in rectangle box
Hi, I have a question regarding dimension tolerances, which are given by manufacturers. For example this ceramic capacitor: . The one I choose is 0603 in imperial. The tolerances for the Length and Width are +/- 0.1mm. The lead width is 0.35mm +/- 0.25mm. it's about 70% tolerance. Since I'
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for smd electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Just wondering, are there any supercapacitors(in mF) with 0603 footprint and 6.6 V or higher rating?
I am using Altium Ver.10.391. I want to change all of my TO-90A Thru hole to SOT89L smd. I got message : " cannot match pads with new footprint". What can I do to replace them? Thanks DV
Clearly yes. There are detailed IPC specifications for footprints, you can also refer to manufacturer footprint suggestions. The most important point is to understand the limitations of smd wave soldering. A lot of modern components (fine pitch, "quad" pin arrangement) can't be wave soldered. In my view, the technique is almost legacy (...)
Please who can draw to me or give me the footprint of the coil i have a doubt in understanding the dimension of the coil
hi, I am design one layout for my project in this layout all component is smd package type, I am also given same footprint to it , but still when i completed my component placement it gave me ERROR 136 Something. I also give a snap shoot of that error was occurred images
im using altium designer 10 for creating my PCB. now i want to create a smd board but my altium library doesn't have 805 component library.where can i download it?
hi 2 all i request u all pls any one can make me the pcb footprint of ICL7107 ITS AN smd IC AND THAT SHOULD BE SAVED IN PADS2005 WHY WE R HAVING THE LICENSE FOR PADS 2005 ONLY SO PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HELP ME URGENT:sad:
You need to pick the components for through hole instead of smd. Most likely you have to replace all the components. When you place the component, look whether the footprint is smd or through hole.