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Hello, The following two LTspice simulations are almost exactly the same (both full bridge smps?s)?They have the same NP/NS value, but slightly different primary and secondary inductance values. Everything else is the same about these smps's. So why does the one with lower primary inductance have a (...)
A better Bang for the Buck (intended pun) is to design a low voltage drop linear regulator after the buck smps which maintains the constant low voltage drop, while the linear regulator minimizes the ripple and has the benefit of current limit control down zero with wide BW ripple rejection (...)
Do you agree with the following ?rules? (A to D) on the checking of type 2 compensator pole and zero positions? This is with regard to a CCM, Current mode flyback with a type 2 feedback compensation network..That is, making sure it is not going to be unstable.. ?The Type 2 compensator zero MUST BE (...)
it means that you have an smps where as soon as the inductor current falls to zero, the driving voltage is again forced across the inductor and the inductor current begins to build up again. So the inductor current falls to zero , but does not languish other words, the inductor current is (...)
Hi all, Designed Flyback Topology based smps.Now want to convert smps in to zero Voltage Switching Flyback smps. How to design ZVS Flyback Converter? Thanks & waiting For Knowledge Enhancement,:thinker: Sachin
The following (attached) is a 250W full bridge smps as used by a huge Telco in a PSU. Spec is fsw=300khz, vin=48v, vout=26v,current mode, CCM , Np/Ns = 1 The main cout cap is C54 (68uF) and you can see it has resistor R37 (220mR) in series with it. Why is this resistor there.? Why would you want to decrease the (...)
Hello, I thought LLC converters were supposed to have zero voltage switch_ON and Switch_OFF of the FETs? However, as this waveform view of VDS (red) and I(FET) (green) shows, it definitely doesn't have zero voltage switch off. Why is this? (...)
Hello , I am doing a offline flyback (Pin=16W), (Vin=230VAC) (Post mains rectifier capacitor = 330nF.) Page 7 (equn 2) of the following gives the voltage variation on the post mains rectifier capacitor. However, how do I calculate the "dch" value. Since I only use 330nF, "DCH" will be large, but I
How can you possibly expect to make a smps welder with zero knowledge about smps. I see smoke in your future.
Hello, I am doing a 45W, DCM flyback (isolated) with 90-265VAC mains input. (Vout = 25V) The feedback is optocoupler based. When the electrolytic capacitors in the output get older and have a greater ESR, this will reduce the ESR zero in frequency. Will this mean that its likely to go unstable? Or will the (...)
Hi i am new member in this i am repairing of astec smps model number sa451-3500,but i have problem i.e when we switch on the power supply the outputs comes (+5v,+12,-12v,+3.3v,-5v,-12v) then all outputs goes to zero please help me what is the problem in the smps...i allready checked all passive (...)
My smps has +/- 5 V +/- 12 V outputs . can I gang these outputs in series so I get 17 V ?
When you connect a lamp load to an smps the cold resistance is zero.(shorted)The smps is short ckt protected and goes to shutdown. However adding a series choke EI33 to the lamp gives a passive impedance reflected to primay winding of the smps limiting the current slope of (...)
hi all So i have a problem with a power supply of echographe aloka the problem is when i start the power supply all is ok , all output voltage are ok but this is take for a three maybe tow second and then it slow down to zero (all the outputs) until the 400v capacitor discharge complitely. i think for the first time (...)
I came across this sentence which I couldn't understand at all. Help me " Ideal switching elements (e.g., transistors operated outside of their active mode) have no resistance when "closed" and carry no current when "open", and so the (...)
I have a isolated switch mode power supply (smps) circuit. The output is good for my requirement. However, I need AC line zero crossing detection for my product. Since the DC reference is at different potential with the AC Live or Neutral, I can not use the general zero crossing detection circuit. The only way I can think of is to make (...)
my friend you have r(upper) and r(LED) to the SAME node.....i dont think you can do that.....cuzz you are not getting any gain out of the current variation in R(led). But i tewll you my friend..........nobody will help you.........i have tried many times to find out is a secret of industry.. if you can close the c
hello, i have just designed an smps, an offline one transistor forward converter at 50W I want to know the limit frequency above which i should not set the zero Gain Crossover Frequency. Is it true that the way to do this, is to just avoid using any compensation at components at first, and leave (...)
hello, i did a 10W offline push pull smps, it was current mode, using MC34025, but the MOSFETS were getting very hot. i believe it was "flux walking" saturation causing the primary overcurrent. do you think this push pull, with caps and diodes added, would work for a push pull (...)
If smpss' have problems with pulsed and quasi-sinewaves, then how about triangular instead? Sputnik :idea: