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you shoudl use a current regulated smps...then change to voltage regulated control when the voltage gets to about 13.8v. ..but actually its a four stage process. 1....trickle it up 2....big current in 3....Maintain at voltage 13.8V till current dies down to v small 4...maintain at the flow voltage
their may be internal fault in charging section of the laptop smps
You need 4 switches for each battery to use 2P2T transfer operation. Whereas in a series charger , you need a Zener-like part to bypass each battery being charged on series with a boost smps, so only one power switch per battery. The bypass switch however must dissipate more power in (...)
I have an smps battery charger circuit that charges 12.7AH 12 Volt battery using UC3909 & UCC3809 from 120V AC. I post this below. Can I modify it to charge a battery of 200AH capacity 24V at a rate of 40A while input voltage will be 220V AC? Plz anyone help. 80784 (...)
80~250V AC to 13.5V DC @10-15 Amps smps with 3842-43-44 (with Cutoff /3 LED indication)
I need to design a charger circuit for 4 cell Li-Ion battery. I am using 4 individual 3.7V /1100mAH Li-Ion battery's are connected in series. So i am using LTC4006-4 charger ic for my application. I am using 19V/3A dell laptop smps as charger input. My charge current is 1A. (...)
Wht to change in the power supply to charge 12 v 40A battery?? For 40A from PC PSU on 12V rail, PC PSU should be stronger 750W (60eur-150eur), 1KW (200eur-500eur) or maybe 2KW (800eur and up), plus you need to make some modifications or to make some voltage boosters, all of this sum of sums :-?. For that money
my Lambda power supply 12V, 120A, 1500W smps was used to power my 12v car amplifier used in home for subwoofer. I attatched it to charge my Car battery 12v, not realizing the smps has not diode protection. the smps kept charging the battery when i switched off the mains.When i switched on (...)
hi i just connected my fully functioning power supply lambda EWS 1500-12 , 12volt 125A smps to charge my 12 volt battery its 150AH, after a bit of charge when i disconnected the power supply i noticed low voltage on output of smps with multimeterm it now reads 8v wier th battery removed i (...)
i have a doubt on charger output voltage, you want to charge a single battery or battery bank, it is not possible huge variation in output voltage. In any type of charger smps/Buck converter it will have two feedbacks current limit and voltage limit, if battery is deep (...)
Can somebody help me with smps inverter circuit and charger using pwm ics
As you already mentioned, your battery type most likely requires a charge balancing circuit. But this point hasn't to do with the charger circuit. I think the only important property is sufficient output voltage isolation. It shouldn't be a problem for a smps charger, but I don't know if your intended device (...)
Hi, You can use the transformer for charging but not smps. You have use the freewheel diodes in the MOSFET H-bridge as rectifiers and use that to charge the battery. For this, you need to make sure that the MOSFET gates are forced low and that the MOSFETs are turned off, otherwise there will be a short-circuit. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, It depends on the rate of charge you plan. Considering 0.1C (1/10 th of battery rated amperage), ie, 10A, you need a power supply capable of supplying 13.5V 10A. This is 135W of output power. You could use flyback or forward here, although at this power, you should look towards half-bridge or two-switch forward. For half-bridge, you need a
I have got a smps which can supply 12v dc...... the battery charger also provides 12v can i charge a battery(lead acid-12v) using smps????? is it possible........?? If the said smps is not a battery charger, and naturally it gives out 12 (...)
Hi all, The below doubts are w.r.t DC source/circuits. #1)I m really confused with the relation of I and V in power supplies and DC DC convertors. For e.g. given a 5v battery @ 1000mah. Now if i want to convert 5V to say 50V or 100V then what will be the max current that the any load can take across the output. #2) I mean is voltage
If you omit the term pulse chariging, your asking for a simple constant current/constant voltage charging, as it is achieved in normal operation in a car. You possibly won't charge the final 5 or 10 % of capacity, but otherwise it can work pretty good. Just need a 30 or 40 A current and voltage controlled smps.
Hi guys! I would like to make a battery charger for a 240V LiION battery pack that could source 5-6A. The thing is that it has to be as small and as light as possible. So, what kind of a topology would be recomended for this. I suppose I could just rectify the 220Vac input and send it to a buck converter. Would this be OK? Of course there (...)
Hi Friends, I am working on new design of smps based battery charger.Total output rating of 300 watt 12V ad 24V selectable. I am going to select UCC3804(Current Mode PWM controller) and UC3906(SLA Battrey charge).And using 2 switch forward converter topology Can anybody tell me any another (...)
Apart from needing 14 - 14.5 V output, the smps must also be able to deliver constant current, it must have a current limiter rather than a overcurrent shutdown. Some smps can, some can't. A PC powersupply probably hasn't a usable constant current mode. The smps must also allow increasing the output voltage, e. g. by an adjustment (...)