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Hi, As always I recommend to go to a smps IC manufacturer´s homepage and try the interactive selection guide. One example. Klaus --> a
How to select core for transformer ? Please give me detail so that i can core for transformer
Hey every one All assistance will be appreciated here i am building a buck converter(step down) to output certain voltages for a particular application .. the atmega is giving the switching element(mosfet) in the circuit a pulse width modulated signal which determines the duty cycle. my output works as expected. the problem lies with when im
I?m reading the user guide for a Microchip reference design of a 300W AC/DC converter. Section 1.2 starts with these requirements: A conventional smps must implement PFC if it draws more than 75 watts from the AC Mains. The PFC circuitry dra
Hello Does anybody has repair guide or service manual of this smps, it has GBU 606 AC as a bridge rectifier, K2370 Power Mosfet, SB3040PT Schottky Barrier Rectifier. The smps is dead, no output, cannot be turned on by shorting PS ON & Ground, no output reading on multimeter. Please help. Thanks in advance.
I do smps layout for very exacting situations, there is a multitude of info on smps design from the likes of Texas (who now own National Semi) and Linear Technology, read it and everything else you can about smps layout. Also refer to the data sheet and evaluation design for the controller you are using. Follow the design notes and you cant (...)
smps of my desktop PC is over heating. There is also unexpected shutdown. This problem started suddenly or have you made a change to your system recently? After turning on your system check the smps fan is working or not. You may need a smps replacement.
Dear Kashif Hi Is it important to use iron core ? why not an smps ? you need just 110 volts 50A ? right ? 5.5kW ? if yes , you can use a simple H bridge . best Wishes Goldsmith
Need to fabricate a proper filter for 28VDC input military communications receiver application. Without proper filters in smps supply ,,the recvr is very noisy and the channel drifts giving whistling and fadeouts with malfunctions of the AFT /AGC controls .. Experts may guide actions ,I could take to improve
Dear Sir/Madam I want make a load box please guide me which components and rating is required. The output Voltages/current of smps Is given below 5V DC/30Amp 12V DC/6Amp 24V DC/9.5Amp -12V DC/1Amp Regards sandeep Dalwaria
pl guide me about PIC 16F676 based smps design up to 10 amp Study pc power supply,before entering in world of smps. For pc power supply schematics see attached file.
Checkout this link. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): Buying guide It contains alot of design guides, schematics and tutorials for UPS
I need smps output transformer design calculation. Where should i refer? Please guide me some link or direction.
Dear Sir, I have attached the schematic of the mobile charger. I want to increase the output from 5V to 12 Volts to drive LEDs in series. Should I increase the zener voltage or change some resistor voltage. Please guide me. I can also wound more turns in smps secondary if need arise or build a new smps transformer. This charger (...)
For smps - high frequency transformer, general thumb rule is 400 to 500 Cm / Amp of current but you can really reduce your wire size depending upon the number of turns & the loss /temp rise you can allowed in the wire. There are some very good articles from unitrode (now on TI web site) which will give you good guide lines .
Please Visit They have a very good product for making smps also there site is very informative, educative. :D
Hello all, I was wondering if there is a design methodology that needs to be followed when designing a smps. I know i need to use a full bridge, since I am dealing with around 2KW. I have figured out the power requirements. Can someone guide me with a document perhaps or a link to a step by step design procedure. Thanks,
I am assuming that it is a line-powered smps. For this power level you can use a chip from Power Integrations, say a TOPSwitch, or even aTinySwitch. Just see their selection guide. They also have design software. ON Semi also have some devices for the job, the NCP1xxx series.
Is there any standard or design guide to build a three phase smps to be used in ITE equipment, like those installed in blade enclosures?. As it is the case with standards elaborated by intel (ATX, SFX) or the ssiforum. Thanks!
official Orcad link however, the software is a demo version. lots of limitation. i would suggest u to get a free layout tool.