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A 20 kHz inverter can work with primary switching smps, but only if they have fast input rectifiers and no EMI filters effective in the 20 kHz range. Otherwise it can damage the connected device as mentioned by betwixt. To avoid possible damage, it's safer to rectify the inverter output on board and supply high voltage (...)
how to get +5v and -5v dual power supply using single 24v and ground ( 24v smps)
It is easy to reduce noise say on 50mV smps ripple using LC filter to desired level combined with PSRR on chip. CM and DM ferrite beads can also reduce ingress on high impedance inputs, if the layout causes crosstalk. I have used smps for video amplifiers and AMLCD bias without noise effects, but with care. In this case I stepped down 9V (...)
A very common type of power supply is called a Switched Mode Power supply (smps). If you wanted a mains to 28V power supply from the 230V mains,the input circuit would rectify your incoming AC, this would give, 230 X 1.4 ~ 325V DC. A high frequency switching circuit would run of this voltage (...)
Most problems occur in the horizontal deflection and power supply sections. The smps provides sometimes a means for safety shutdown if the horizontal output stage produce excessive high voltage or draw too much current. Check for: -bad electrolytic capacitor in the supply line to horizontal driver (...)
Hi, Please can i confirm that this is a viable method for TL431/opto smps regulation with output voltage of 36V...................................... (The TL431 is only good up to 36V) TL431 DATASHEET:-
Can a smps ferrite-core tranformer used in reverse? Eg. can a 230v/ 12v smps transformer used in reverse (assuming that the same switching frequency is used) to get 12v stepped up to 230v? as anyone try it out? Thanks.
The high wattage of the resistor you've mentioned is choosen because of two reasons: - the surge current is much higher than normal current during stable work of power supply and the resistor must withstand that current for shor period of time (it's usually no more that 100 ms) - the maximum voltage the resistor is (...)
Hi I dont recommend you to design a high volatge circuit best on smps it can be dangerous work Any how you can go and find a referance design for high voltage smps in ON- SEMI site All the best Bobi
Hi all, I want to design a smps with these specifications: Input voltage: 3 phase 380V (Line to Line) Output voltage: 10VDC to 100VDC Output Current: 400A Output Power: 40 kW (= 400A x 100V) Efficiency: larger that 90% at Full Load (= 400A x 100V) Any block diagram or idea?
The task is not as difficult as it seems. I have some experience with building flyback converters up to 150W so I would use flyback smps to power that LED matrix.