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hi to all,this av receiver 3d amp,when powered will go on an show "welcome " message and goes to standby,i suspect a fault in the power amp section since it reads +30 and -30 volts and drops.Now since it is a smps power supply and computerised,this may mean at switch on over/under voltage circuits or hardware testing circuit may fail,please i need
by continous keeping smps ON. Conceivably it can happen by accident. Therefore a fuse is a good method to protect your project. It might sound like a good idea to test by creating continuous-On condition intentionally, but it also is a way to burn up components. Can you test by making the duty cycle longer, gradu
Hello, We need a 2kW load bank so that we can do full-load-to-no-load transient testing on our 2kW smps. Also, We also need this load bank to load the smps with to see if the smps is stable. As you know, Electronic loads cannot be used for this purpose, because they have an effective capacitance, and that effects the (...)
If the smps is defective you don't need to care about the laser circuit details. testing the power supply with load resistors as previously suggested should clarify things. The other possibility is that there's a short in the laser driver circuit part.
Hi Everyone. I am now trying to design a smps for 500kHz Full Bridge Class D amplifier. For the Class D amplifier as the load to this smps, it shifts from no load to full load continuously. What are things that I need to consider to go about designing this smps ?
My smps is designed with the help of PIExpert & Its rated for +5V/1A, +24V/500mA. The design is tested with 1st version of PCB design (Bigger one) & its working fine. The same PCB is redesigned for size optimization. Now the PCB is not working. I have assembled 2 PCB of new design & both not working. While testing the output with DSO, the controlle
you need to go to the power integrations web page and see what a proper small smps looks like...
Hello, We had a 60W offline flyback smps PCB layed out in an extreme rush just to get ?something? ready for a customer by a certain date. (Double sided PCB) We were then expecting the boss to allow us to re-do the PCB with a proper layout, and then test it. However, the boss then said that we must persevere with the badly layed out PCB and try
got an ATX DC-DC PSU M2ATX 160W. It worked well when I first bought it. I've not used it in a long time, and I've never used it for any substantial period of time. Mostly testing ideas. I don't recall it being
Hi everyone, I have done re-engineering work of a product(Microcontroller based dimmer with smps power supply as a single PCB). I designed the PCB and assembled all the components on the PCB. Its turned ON and working. What are the "Hardware Tests" should i do to work the product perfectly? Thanks and Regards, Sundar.A
Hello, Please can you evaluate this method of ensuring that the reading of infra red temperature monitors is correct? (it relates to accurately reading the temperature of components in an smps). Infrared thermometer: When testing an smps, it is essential to do thermal tes
I want to thank you for reading my post in advance on this forum. I appreciate your time, insight, and advice. I have found a lot of information on the internet to help me understand, repair, and fix smps (Switched-mode power supply). I also found out that my used Tektronix 2465DVS oscilloscope is more than enough to help me test smps. In addition
Friends , I Have Attempted To Make a Youtube Video Regarding testing Of Capacitors With Analogue , Digital And ESR Meter .The Main Thing I Wanted To Tell My Indian Electronic Buffs Who Repair Motherboards , LCD , CRT , Laptops ,smps Etc Is How To Use a ESR Meter .I Hope People Who Know Hindi Would Be Able To Comment . The Link -> www.yo
what are the parametrs to be tested while designing an smps..
Why is is that components for smps's for military use undergo vast amounts of component it because they are worried that they may be fake components, not up to standard? The military demands, and is willing to pay for 100% certainty, and does business through elaborate specifications aimed at
Need to test out smps supplies with a phantom load ranging from 100watt to 5kilowatts. Voltages at output are 12V/24V/48VDC only with current limits going to 100Amps .
I have a TV HV transformer and cascade for my 25 kV tester. For 4kV 4W, the solution seems somewhat oversized in my opinion. I rather suggest a reversed off-mains smps transformr driving a Cockcroft Walton multiplier.
is it possible to test a smps transformer to connect directly to the AC No, as already found out by trial. Is the smps transformer is like normal step down transformer It's a step down transformer operating at several 10 kHz. Your question suggests, that you don't have the means to test it, possibly except for m
I wish to do a check on our 41W, isolated flyback power supply to see if the switching FET is always operated within its SOA. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Vin = 410V Max and 370V min. Switching frequency = 67KHz. The switching FET is within the PWM Controller IC. It is the STR2A153D
hello. For 230VAC input , offline flyback transformers (fully isolated), how do you test to see if the transformer provides the necessary degree of isolation between primary and secondary?