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Required external Pot to control output Current & Voltage. The rating required for Pot are as follows, 1)Maximum Voltage at output = 80Vdc variable Rating required using Pot from (1V to 80V) 2)Maximum Current at output = 2A variable Rating required using Pot upto 2A Which Control IC to be (...)
Hey Brad thanx a lot I found an old smps and used its core to wind my inductor. I don't have a LCR meter, but I used my DSO quad and I think that's approximately good enough reading. Now next task that awaits is selection of components. I took out a few mosfets from old UPS and capacitors as well. I could not find currect diodes though for such hi
1- Can anyone help with selecting an operating switching frequency? should I run it at 100KHz? I would like it to run at 200KHz so I can use a smaller transformer, does anyone have any objection to that or see any drawback (emi, fast components availablility)?The issue is that due to your wide output range, you'll n
There is a 36V 5A smps which its PWM IC is TL494 and provides fixed 36V output voltage. is it possible to manipulate circuit in order to have variable 0 ~ 36V output voltage?
hi all i want to design smps with variable output from 1V to 50V. i have seen on the net how to select the circuit element(inductor capacitor) for fixed output. BUT since i have to vary the duty cycle in order to have variable DC, i dont understand how to find the circuit element values.
Hi, I have made one smps with this specification. Vout=100v to 1300v (variable), Iout=40 mA , Vin=22v - 30v (DC-2 Battery) Controller IC=UC3842 , Transformer=EE50-42 , gap=1mm , Lp=14 uH , Ls=85 mH , Ip=14A, Np=9 Ns=600 , Bmax=100 mT 1-I have a ripple on output voltage!! its about 50 volt at 1300 volt 2-I have a sin wave on drain (...)
Anybody have a schematic for an smps with variable output 0-450V (or something like that), 200mA max output. Preferably 230Vac input. I have built a nixie 200V smps with 12V input, but that only delivers about 20mA output. Any help is appreciated. Regards Nico
Hi Can I design one smps with dspic from microchip? I want to design one dc-dc with full bridge topology that have variable output voltage. is it possible? by regards.
Hi I want to make one smps with this specification: V(in)=24v DC I(in)=10A V(out)=0v to 2000v DC I(out,max)=30 mA Switching Topology=full bridge I suggest that it is possible with using L6203(full bridge driver) with AVR micro controller or Dspic . there is two key or keypad that connect to MCU and use to increase and decrease
Hi,I need to make a variable Power Supply that is very light and compact with moderate cost.I am currently using a 31V smps output and a Linear Regulator at 2A. But Using a linear Power Supply is old and is very inefficient.I came across this variable smps circuit and was wondering if It really (...)
1. Can anybody please help me find a "Programmable AC to DC Swith Mode Power Supply" ? Basically, I've been looking for a variable AC-DC smps ( capable of supplying 3,5,9,12 volts DC etc. from AC supply in UK and atleast 2 amps maximum current output capacity). 2. Is there any micro-controller controlled AC-DC smps (...)