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hi all, i am working in home security product.. basically my project work is based on GSM application with PIR sensor. i have some problem in PIR (AMN31111) output. actually if any human is came near by the sensor gsm will send sms (human is there) to me. my problem is if any sms or call receive this gsm module, PIR (...)
hi, I am doing gsm based switch control for home appliances by using microcontroller...... anybody help me how to split the message and then operate the home appliances....if anybody knows,plz help me.... i am using at89c51 and keil c compiler....
Hi all Can anyone help me to write C program for following requirement 4x4 keypad is attached to AT89s52 16x2 LCD and GSM modem is also attached I need to send sms using keypad (ex:- If I press "A" from the keypad, send sms as "Arrived" to a defined cell number) and at the same time, massage must be shown in LCD
You can use this for learning :
anyone who has an idea about the sms based wireless notice board using a led display & who has a schematic diagram? many thanks in advance. :)
i think Romel has already done sending sms and he is an expert in that as he has understood that concept in this forum.... his thread is active and many people use it as reference.... romel can you put that link for him.... where you interfced GSM woth 8051.... you also have put code for that... it will be helpful and if you can help others wi
can anyone help me?i working with my FYP sms based home automation the situation is i have already established a connection between the phone and microcontroller(pic16f877a)with SE T230 but the problem is i help some help in c files in reading sending and deleting messages below is my code void changeCharacterSetting() { (...)
i am doing a project based on home automation.i like to use gsm module for sending and receiving sms.i request you to send a circuit diagram showing usb interface to pic and gsm I hope that I can find an answer from you
You may refer these topics related sms, Mobile interfacing and Security system with Mobile and sms. Hope it helps you. Good luck https://www.edaboard.c
Okay, well first maybe a usefull idea check google and find some related material right? For some things about the FBus protocol: Source code for sms Gorkin
Hello omar, I am working on GSM/sms based Diesel Generator Telemetry system. It has planty of differnet options to work and study and also got good demand in market. You can also go for it. Dani
Hi, guys, I need your help please. I am working on a project that involves sms based remote control of home appliances, but this time it is enhanced. The plan is to have a home-based GSM phone connected to a PIC which will be connected to a relay that controls the switching on/off of appliances (...)
A project which control all the home appliances based on sms message will be the bestone for a finel year project.