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Hi everyone in this forum.Again I come searching for help.On my first post I got direction on how I can write program to interface gsm modem to read and send sms. Now from different tutorials I learn different things in this forum and I wrote the following program using MikroC pro pic. unsigned char i=0,yesgot=0,msg; (...)
Hello ,experts i want to start a new project that is , a switch which is controlled by a mobile .(through sms /By calling) i haven't a gsm module. I want use a mobile instead of a gsm module at the both side please help where i start for it ? please give some details ? Thanks in advance
I did't get your flow. You want send sms to activate relay or use PC to activate relay? For controlling by gsm, use gsm Modem and interface using UART throught hardware MAX232. gsm Code. For controlling by PC, use USB converter either USB-to-RS232 (then you need MAX232) or (...)
Search this site with the keywords sms controller and you will find many many pages with full code for the pic16f877a
Hi the guys, I seruiously need help..I am using pic 18F452 to control the gsm to send or receive sms's. my pic works fine with the PC under the baud rate of 2400 and 19200, since I am using the 4MHz oscillator. when I connect the pic to the (...)
i want send data from pic to PC using two ericsson 1018 in data mode not via sms. can anybody help?