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Do you want to send data via sms or TCP/UDP? If it is sms then you need to use PDU encoding if via TCP/UDP then you need to use "Fixed Length Sending" as follows: Use the AT+CIPSEND= command, the data is automatically sent when the number of bytes to send is equal to the length value. There will be no > prompt
I think there is a problem in putchar sequence.. Try the below method it will work.. 1. Send AT+CMGS="phone number" //phone number should be withing quotes followed by ...hex equivalent 0x0D... 2. Wait till the SIM900 module responds with ">" //hex equivalent 0x3E... 3. Send the actual message(sms CONTENT) to the SIM900 (...)
hello i'm using a sim900D and i'm trying to send a sms through microcontroler the problem that i was encounter right now is that when i reach the AT+CMGF=1$0D the outcome is error instead of ok.. how can i fixed this please do help me..asap! i'm using a terminal..
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i need vb6 program to send sms to cell phone.i use nokia supernova 7610 series.using at commands how can i write the program?i wrote the at commands in hyperterminal .but no message is sent and no eroors also.why s this ? is not supported by nokia?i need vb6 program to send sms using at commands.can anyone help with th
i write a code of AT Command in VB and try to make a hex file using MPLAB but always failed..anyone can help me how to convert a C command to hex using MPLAB v.700..please!:-(
does any1 knows a good freeware hex editor? i want to use it to manipulate .hex for microcontroller. ty :-P dont use sms format of messaging or short hand languages in this forum
hi guys whoever is interested can download my pdu encoder software. simply type message(sms) in the text box enter the sms center number, receiver number and the sequence number and then generate the hex data required to send this message. declare this as a character constant in your mcu code and off you go. if you wanna test the (...)
how can i get modem log/hex codes for this? where can i found some discussions on how to get these hex codes? please mail me if you know... thanx!
Hello!! i m new to micro controller...i need to send sms message from a mobile attached to micro controller...the sms contains the reading of the digital meter attached to it...actually i wanna made a telemetry system...can any body tells me how to start making this project,, thanks in advance....
I have sms kit (Silicon Chip). It is based on AT microcontroller and it has come with pre-programmed chip. However, the hex file can be downloaded fro Silicon Chip web site. Is there any chance of disassembling this hex file and translate it to common 8051 source code?
Check out this sms controller: It has complete assembly source code and also uses the popular AVR MCU. This project was published in Circuit Cellar issue #142, which can be found here:

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