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hello all :-) I am new to this forum and this is my first post I am using Sim900 for sending and receiving sms with avr microcontroller atmega16 i programm this code thats write with codvision compilar but this doesnt work :bang: i dont know where is wrong,can u help me? tnx all /***********************************************
dear friends, i used pic18f4550 for sending sms through gsm900. i got the at commands correctly in hyper terminal. the problem is ...... manually i send the AT commands from hyperterminal to gsm900, the module is sending the sms to my mobile. but, gsm module is connected to PIC MC , i (...)
I think that sms are storing at some other place, which we are not able to recognize. Yes there is a command to delete all sms from SIM Card AT+CMGDA
Hi, i have interfaced the sim300 to hyper terminal. i made a call to other number & i got the call also. i received the sms. i read the all sms at once by using AT+CMGL="ALL" , but if i want to read a single sms by using AT+CMGL=1, 4 or 5 then i get the error as +cms error: 305. for writing a (...)
Yes, your hardware work properly, it try to communicate with modem but you disconnect your modem so it continuously send AT command. let me one thing clear that the program in your hardware is written by you or hardware is ready made. I show that link. It give sms_remote_control_ericsson_module.asm file which is code file. If you are programmer
HI, I connected SIM900 modem to PC and sending commands through hyper terminal. I am able to call. but i try for send sms it got stuck after entering Message. and i wanna us it again so i have to power off it and again power on it. i am trying like this AT enter response is OK at+cmgs="90xxxxxxx" enter response is > Now i (...)
Here, I am testing the sim900 at commands in hyper terminal.Its works properly wants to implement my program. I am able to ready the sms by using at+cmgr=sms number eg:at+cmgr=8 which upon displays sms details. If i want to see the sms that has sent immediately,before even typing (...)
Hi, About my project is that it allow user to key in their phone number using keypad. Then once the switch is on it will sent a sms to the user. But It cannot sent out to the user. Below are my codes for the modem: //Initializing Modem and send message putrsUSART((const far rom char *)"AT\r\n"); while(!BusyUSART()) Delay10KTCYx(
i used this command on hyper terminal it works, but trying using arduino not work, please help me
Is there any way to get current time from the network? If there is what are the AT commands for that? you can send a sms to yourself. in received sms you can get date and time
send the smsstring code what is "CTRLZ" meand string or Ctrl Z
Hi. I am testing SIM908C Module but facing an issue. I can send all the AT Commands except CTRL-Z Char. So that I can not able to send sms or GPRS Data. I tested with both 115200 and 9600 Baud. For terminal Client Application, I tested hyper-terminal, Putty and DockLight. But problem remains constant. Any idea? Regards.
If you want to send sms using you PC you can use the mobile set software from your PC (Nokia PC suit, I guess) Do you Know AT commands ? If no then don't complete the post Use the mobile cable itself (USB or serial ) and it will be read as a virtual com port where you can select it from the drop down menu of the hyper terminal when (...)
hello experts ., I want to make project that send an sms from a nokia mobile using 8051 (when certain condition comes in controller attached sensor ) i have googled a lot but am confused where i start . i have no experiences regarding hyper terminal please help me where i will start any sample c code for that
I had to send sms from my pic. So i searched=> bought a mobile with a serial port(samsung x200). connected it with PC directly using serial cable. And opened the hyper terminal in my windows XP. (COM1, 9600 baud, data bit 8, parity none, stop bits 1, control hardware)65086 I wrote AT (expecting the OK response from the mobile,
sunrom modem???? follow the AT commands, and try in hyperterminal first AT+CMGS=1 reads sms stored in 1st location... change the number to read specific sms. connect to pc and using hyper terminal software send the command to read the message.
i am having same problem .I am using mobile to send sms which is connected via usb. I am succesful in sending sms by windows hyper terminal but could not do so in matlab
i'm trying to us nokia 3220 mobile phone to send sms via AVR my problem is when i connect my phone to PC COM1 for testing AT commands and try to send a simple at command when i type AT and then press enter there must be ok appear on the screen of the hyper terminal but there seems no responce at all and when i test the (...)
you can use any PIC with UART. You need and GSM modem.. and you have to send sms using AT commands.... after buying gsm modem open hyper terminal from accessories-->communications configure it on ur com port with 9600bps type AT you should OK as response that means connections and modem are ok AT+CMGF=1 t
Hi , have you send sms successfuly by hyper terminal? what's your MCU sending msg program and hardware connection? Maybe talk about it by email : This is the last warning to you... whatever help you need you extend in the forum.. dont give your mail- id and try to deviate